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Standing up on a hill or more accurately a rise and looking out to the far horizon under the crimson skies of the setting of the sun. Having me wondering if I should follow the sun and see what path takes me to where I need to go or take me to the gate? Or is it just a game my mind is playing on me? But, then again it has me wondering why I should care which direction I should take as the Tao is directing me where to go as well as to which moment I should be in like a quiet pool of still water. Still I question where I have been and I know I have been there and back again, and still I take in all I have seen and have been questioned as to where my loyalties lie.

With all things lasting only for a moment as I continue making my way on down the line for those things I might not find until the day and hour of my death. And still I am heading to where I feel I need to be going and passing by things with time going by and I am still moving on. Not denying this might be a fool’s errand as I continue going where the Tao has called and directed me to go.

Now standing here in the turning of twilight and not thinking of anything specific other than wondering about a series of dreams, and time that has passed. As I look up and see those first stars turning from blue to red, and I know some would call this all a cryin’ shame to be chasing things that seem to be a thousand years, or a thousand miles away. I can speak of a million lies and the million songs I have heard, as well as about the thousand voices I have heard too. Though a million tears have been shed with a million breaths taken there is only a single truth and a singular touch of grace to be found in or outside the palace of time or in the dreaming. Still I have this one belief and hold onto my faith even though I appear to be wearing a pilgrim’s robe and mistaken for a common thief.

I seem to have been destroyed a thousand times but have picked a form of culture well, and found a way to make my own dreams and been flexible enough to be reinvented and return each time. Still most of the time I keep both feet on the ground following the path to wherever the road unwinds, and reading the signs. Not really caring if I ever see some again as I focus on things I stumble across, with it being understood that I probably wouldn’t change this if I could. Though many seem to think I am wandering aimlessly through confusion, with there being times when I am halfway content as I make my way on down the line with no pretense.

Still, most live their lives haunted by all they have heard and said, and find it hard to look around and see that there can be ways to change it all. And if they have a reason to live and not to die then they have the secret, and the meaning of continuing on.

Sometimes in my dreams I am dying all the time, and wondering if it is a sign of saying goodbye. With the fact being known of my being faded and hated in some quarters or not being wanted here, or anywhere. I might be running out of time and still I continue onwards walking a razor’s edge between friend and foe, as well as that of truth and lies. As I recall standing near those rivers of blindness once and draining a cup there where those whirlpools of lies are fed by the waterfalls of pity. I might someday to live once again on the square, and eat when I am hungry and drink when I am dry for my heart won’t allow me to give in, or accept the crap they try to sell me.

Feeling that forceful aging and there are times when I feel as if I am fading and still I move on carrying those lessons I have learned as life carries on. Having played with fire and not been burned and heard some saying yes while others say no and hearing the occasional burst of laughter as bridges are crossed. For Heaven stands there waiting when nothing else matters and the journey has finally ended.

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