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Search for a soulmate

How do you explain destiny? Random luck based on time and place? Universal chaos within mathematicalparameters? Providence? Or is it a bonding of life-forces inseparable by any other force of nature. 

In order to believe in destiny you have to believe in the improbable. The unlikely. The law of infinite attraction. You have to allow that bad luck or good fortune or the pain of loneliness or the pleasures of love is part of a plan that you are bound to endure. That magic is possible. That unicorns and leprechauns exist. You have to believe in dragons. 

So many people choose to give credence to reading tea leaves or fortunetelling. Tarot cards. Astrology. Numerology. Even religion in its sundry versions both black and white. I myself am a believer in signs. Why did I turn right instead of left? Leaving 10 minutes early I just missed that wreck. The last parking spot closest to the door. All signs. 

You can throw all of what I just described into a funnel. Swirl it around until it begins to whirlpool venturi style down the ever smaller tip and express itself onto your path. Destiny cannot be denied. Only corrected. 

While destiny is our journey, fate is our destination. What we do with our destiny determines our fate. How many times can we say “I love you?” How many people will we say it to? How many times do we really mean it and how many times do we say it because it makes us feel good, if only in that moment. 

I learned a long time ago, there is an expiration date on love. Destiny has set it up so that fate intervenes when the truest bond isn’t formed. Like marbles in a shoebox we roll around and click and clack off each other for briefest moments. Friendships are made. Love is endured. Our lives seemingly head down the path of least resistance and for the most part we are never wiser to the grand plan. 

Life is about choices. Once made everyone has to live with them. Oftentimes others are affected because of the choices we make. We choose our fate in a never-ending multiple choice quiz with no wrong answers. Some answers are just better than others, but always destiny is adjusting and tweaking and lighting the path. 

So what does it all mean? To some it will mean eternal frustration and consternation about never “catching that lucky break.” To others it will mean their quick winks, their smooth talk and their rodeo hearts will always leave them in a continuous cycle in a meaningless game. Yet others will find the current, push their boat out into the stream, and flow towards destiny with full hearts. 

Love isn’t just a word. It isn’t just a combination of letters with some generic meaning prescribed and notated by the Webster family. It isn’t something you say with the ease of “Oh, yes, please pass the butter.”

Remember destiny being the journey? Well, love is a key. You carry it around trying and fitting it until you find the right lock. Once that key turns, a bond is formed. This bond is stronger than anything Webster could ever possibly describe. Words completely fail.

How in the hell could you ever describe how their scent on your pillow makes you feel? How could you describe the emptiness you feel every second of the day when they aren’t near? Or the happiness at just hearing their voice? 

Destiny is about the mating of souls. The improbable writhing and twining on a planet of eight billion people fighting against all odds to find the one soul that fits precisely to yours. The one soul that has forever been and will always be your mate. Sometimes destiny and fate are one in the same. 

You have to believe in the improbable. That magic isn’t just a trick. You have to believe that one plus one equals one. That forever and always is one day longer. That destiny has led you to where you are supposed to be, and that the rhythm of your beating heart is matched by only one other.

Unicorns are real. Leprechauns do exist. Do I believe in destiny? 

I ride the dragon.

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