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Destiny Stories


Checkerboard Pattern

Shall we dance, Princess

To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie. The Vans were a checkerboard pattern and Jeff Spicoli would have approved.  I grinned because I loved that movie. That was the year I came of age. Life...

The Verdict

"It is up to you what does or does not happen."

As I walked into the room it felt as if everyone there turned to watch me. My wife walked alongside me for support, but in her heart, she knew she could not help me. I alone was responsible for the path I had chosen last week, and now it was time to hear...

I cry a river, and drown in my sorrows Yesterday’s problems, are the worries of tomorrow Running out of time, with none to borrow The clock ticks, my heart beats, my soul turns hollow Walk a mile in my shoes, but destiny won’t follow My friends moved toge...

My Destiny

You are my destiny

You are my one and only, The one that I was meantTo be with and the one I am destined to be with,The one that I would, if required, I would do anything for.I would climb the highest mountains,I would sail the ocean blue,Build bridges to cross rivers,Trek...

Time Traveler

Traveling, into the dim reaches of reality.

Venture back into the past I do.Times long ago, I can't undo. Back in time when I was a kid.Eons have past, heaven forbid. Places that I have visited before.Spaces not wanting to re-explore. Bruises, scars, some are painful.Matter of fact, many be baneful...

Drink Of The Fruit

This is a lyric I entered in a contest using one given line.

Drink Of The Fruit Outside the city where the pomegranates grow, In the fields of the everlasting mind. Shines the rays of enlightened warmth I seek, And the hopes of a new mankind. To taste the fruit of Gods and men, Is to embrace the immortal soul. With...

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Which is the real world....?

Sometimes, as the sages taught us, it is the very darkest of nights that bring the most illuminating truths. So it was when Piotr found himself suddenly on a cliff-top in the middle of a dream one night; well that is how it seemed. Let me try to explain....

The Tale of Finkel

A tale of destiny and life's journey.

Chaim Finkel - just Finkel to those few who knew him - was a thoughtful man. He pondered life's mysteries while he went about his everyday business. He was around middle aged, tall and with pronounced, and not very flattering, features. His black hair was...

I had a long talk with someone very close to me the othernight. She told me of events and stories of her life from when she was a little girl. Then she told me of her mom's life. Growing up in another country. Her struggles to come to America as a young g...

My Place

Infinite love..

There is this place I go. It’s in my head I know. She’s always there for me. It’s where I want to be. My place is safe and warm. It hides me from the storm. She keeps me calm inside. Her love is my faithful guide. She tolerates my endless flaws. Builds me...


A mind in constant panic..

A frantic mind can hurt the calmest heart. Rancid thoughts will tear you apart. True or not, nothing is what it seems. Nothing makes sense in your insane dreams. Guilt and doubt fill every cranny and nook. A missed call, a forgotten text is all it took. W...

The gleam in his eye when he smiles at me,Makes my heart feel as if it will burst The warmth of his hand on the small of my backMakes me feel adored even at my worst He is the other half of my heart The missing piece of my soulOur connection unbreakable T...