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Embracing Life

"Thoughts as I greeted the morning today."
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Published 9 years ago

What a gorgeous morning, not a cloud to be seen, the mixed scent of apple blossoms and lilacs filling the air, fresh and breathtaking, nearly intoxicating, the birds singing melodious songs, as they await the arrival of the sun.

The air, crisp and cool, invigorating actually. Morning is such an awesome time, the awakening of life, the anticipation of the day fills my heart to over-flowing with good feelings, images dancing through my mind with what is to come.

The first rays from the sun just peaking over the hill top on one side of the valley and on the other side, touching the tree tops, setting them ablaze with color, slowly walking down the side of the hill as it rises higher and starts to become visible in the east.

As the sun gains height, its warmth and power can be felt on my cheeks, sparking fuzzy feelings in my soul, morning is my favorite time of the day, it awakes my senses and fills me with awe, never becoming old or mundane.

Each day begins new and beautiful and is never the same as the day before, what a joy it is to be able to share this time with the creatures of the universe, a special time, knowing that I am alive and I am blessed to have yet another day to face and enjoy.

There is much to take in as the day begins, the flutter of the leaves on the trees as the warming air starts to rise and the breeze touches their branches, the glitter of the sun's rays as they pass through the droplets of dew on a spider's web, the flitting of everything as they live their day to the fullest.

Now the challenge is mine, to do the same, live this day given to me to the fullest, look for the best in everything around me, embracing life with a passion for living.

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