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End of a Dirt Road

End of a Dirt Road

I understand that every life must end and with each breath being taken could one day be my last, and I ask those close to me to stay with me and I know there are times when I will never win. Still I ask those to stay with me and to see all that I have seen and I know that I can be classified in many cases as a fool. With nobody knowing that fat better than me, and still I ask myself about caring about their words of praise that I have heard over the years as I have continued on down the line. With myself on occasion having heard what I thought was a siren’s call that tried to distract me, and still I remain heading to where the Tao directs each moment to be. Carrying with me all those thoughts that are never seen and passing those crumbled discarded dreams as I head on down the path chosen for me.

With there being times when I wish I could toss in the towel and just breathe, for there are those things I have seen that some wouldn’t believe which will one day be washed away like tears in the rain. There are somedays when I see nothing in this search for truths, and those seem to be the days when the shadows seem to come forth to be falling on the door. Still life goes on day by day and sometimes slowly and that’s also when it seems as if the strange days have found me out here on these back roads, and it’s like I never knew some of those things I have always known making me feel faded.

Hearing nothing and making my way down the line and being aware of the wind that seems to be always blowing. Finding myself at times asking for either forgiveness, or absolution which I don’t know if I am worthy to have or accept them or if they will ever be given to me. Still I have done my best with the rest of what I have left as I look for the answers I set out to find and heard the call come from down the line where the Tao directed me to go. Never thought of surrender for my heart won’t let me give in and on occasion I have been nervous when passing the occasional open door. And to some I have said to say good luck, and goodbye for my boots were pointed away and to others I said fare thee well and not given them a damn or a second thought.

So, I have asked those whom I have asked to stay with me to let me know as I make my way to clear their hearts, and recall all they have learned as they burn those bridges carrying those lessons learned to keep their signs vital as well as their touch human. To keep on moving with me on down the line, though there might not seem to be anyplace else to go. Sometimes I catch myself looking back at the things I have done, and I know that some need to look back at the past which is always a lot closer than we think it is. Still the Devil’s in the details of almost everything and still I continue to try and win with a losing hand, which at times I win by bluffing and it makes the dream maker mad at times when I enter the dreaming.

One day I might find my way home and still I won’t suffer the fools, as I ask those I pass by out here on these roads to not get up as I am only passing through. I may not have a lot to lose and sometimes finding myself asking for only a moment, for a moment can change all things be it in either light or in the dark. So, I will head on through this; carnival of rust, bittersweet symphony, or vale of tears known as life. As I wonder how far can some send out emotions? Wondering if some will let go of my hand or just never understand what it’s like to just have hope or faith to fall back on? They always said there would be some sort of emotion involved out here but, it was never clearly defined as they withered in the dark light of the sun.

Still I will be found out here following those roads as I make my way on down the line, and hoping that some will truly understand. I know some think I have ice water in my veins and carry with me a lack of emotion(s), and one day the time will come for me to make a full stop.

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