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There seems to be something in the air, with most knowing it’s right and the lamp is burning low with the air being silent in the darkness held at bay by the lamp’s feeble light on this winter night. Been told I would feel nothing and I wonder how these cuts will heal and if they will leave more scars of where I have been that the sun’s dark light won’t ever heal? I know there is a light that most can’t see and it shouldn’t ever be allowed to go out, in a world where we can’t always be in as we sometimes fit into the darkness that falls. I seem to be a long way from where I was and possibly from where I should or need to be, and I think this might be called a song to and for someone.

Dreaming and wondering why I seem to be with a friend going through a tattered old box full of old memories? Then when waking, I find myself outside staring at the heavens as the constellations slowly cross the skies, and being tired and wild-eyed yet all seems like it is timeless like being caught in the middle of a snow dream in black ink darkness. Trying to be safe from the pain and dealing with wasted hours of wasted fuddled words trying to confuse me in the twisted lies told along with the games that are attempted to be played as we stand like strange and warring allies avoiding the bullets fired trying to hit their mark in a firefight. As we walk out of here avoiding the obstacles placed in our way after taking dancing lessons on that jitterbug ride.

Knowin’ just what to do as they all stop and stare, dealing with all those putting on airs tryin’ to be cool when we know they are nothing but fools trying to play their psychological games as they do their dance. Still there are times when a deep-down trembling can be felt under my feet and shakes the deep foundations, and has me remember having placed my life to providence and my soul to grace with all feeling like the world on fire as I struggle through the day to day with something in the air and no place to hide from it. Able at times to feel it burn which in some cases can be like a blessing and a curse and maybe I will see better when the raging storm inside has run its course and passed? As I find myself saddling up to take another moonlight ride down the moonlit road knowing they have no idea how it feels, with many coming and going with some growing old and others cold, and still tryin’ to beat the clock.

Wondering if some are happy now? As I stand here and turn a blind eye to the thieves of my heart, and wondering if when I am thought of if they stop and laugh? While a gypsy wind can be felt blowin’ in from the desert telling me that the time is right to head out wild and free taking my chances and willing to risk it all on one game of pitch and toss, and then stoop to rebuild all that was laid to waste with worn out tools. Making me recall the first meeting with The Captain, and how he said that life was like rock with no reason or rhyme where logic doesn’t apply as I made my way towards the final exam. He also turned things around making me feel alive again as I ignored the loud ticking from that false clock that tries to distract me and make me think my time is up, for I know I will be caught by the second hand like most will when the final warning is heard, and there is nothing left at all as the darkness finally falls.

Some things I can’t escape at all and there are times when I have things to say along with the fact there are some I will always love from now until the end, and from the end of their lives until the end of mine. Even though it seems as though most of the dreams have been lost and thrown away or lie there under the pavement along with my lies. Still, life is a hell of a lot more than who we are with very few things held sacred to pull us all out of the worst of times.

Copyright: Timberwolf International LTD. May 2017 – 34


Written by Shotgun011
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