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No matter what you think, you know or find it will never be enough and no matter where or how you hide the Man in the Long Black Coat will be comin’ round. You might be able to shake him of your trail for a while, and when he’s coming after you and it’s a given he is usually faster on the draw and has been known to take all he’s after down. No matter how the race is run it usually ends in the same way every time, and it usually happens at the time when you think everything is all-right.

Hearing the crickets chirping in the quiet of the night and I know the Man in the Long Black Coat has been seen out on the outskirts of town, and when asked a question He’d answer from a quote from the bible. There are some who say there are no mistakes in life and it is fine if you cross the line, but then again, they probably have been known to beat a dead horse. Those that saw him said there was dust on The Man in the Long Black Coat, as he traveled past the old dance hall under a high crescent moon. So now I am heading down South on a southbound train and trying to stay at least one move ahead and hoping I don’t get taken down, otherwise I might as well head back to the Southwest once again through the wind and the rain.

I’m needin’ some place to hide, and maybe I need to head across the water and there is about a hundred miles of desert between his hide and mine with nothing left to save but my life. Recalling when I stood on a ridge and shunned faith and religion thinking the world was mine. I know that I am running out of time while I am running and hiding from that Man in the Long Black Coat. I made my break and it turned out to be a big mistake with some things never changing with some things best being never said, and though I might have made it this far I know it’s just a matter of time before he catches up with me. Things were set in motion by some of the actions taken with quite a bit remaining unspoken, and it seem I am to answer for the actions that always speak louder than words in every case.

Needing to hold on and feeling a little unsteady with there being no-one else here so I got to hold on the best that I can, knowing I need to fight when I would rather be flying instead down the road. Recalling once when I was asked if I would bleed for someone and possible die for them too, and in a weak moment in my mind that time I accepted the menace offered. Which now has me on the run, and I can’t forget that moment that changed all things and my mind is made up to never forgive the person or the event that set all in motion that now has me running from that Man in the Long Black Coat who will take me as a renegade to the hangman standing on the gallows.

So, what will happen if I am gone, or will anyone take my place when the hammer finally falls come the day? I know in some hearts and minds my life, and possibly love will go on in some way wherever those close to me will go. As I continue trying to put distance between him and me under the moonlight, and people come and go with some growing young, and others growing cold just like waking up between a memory, and a dream with no one knowing how it feels to be me, with only very few ever knowing the real me. Think of me what you will and those thoughts are probably like their words of praise I don’t give a damn about.

Needing to hide myself away, or maybe just let all live through my ghost after I have danced upon the gallows, with all the bridges burned and the final requiems if any being finally said? Only to return when the ashes that were once a paradise known as Eden finally fall back to Earth in the form of a black rain? But. Then again no one really knows what will happen and the only thing that is constant is the truth and that the only easy day was yesterday which now lives in the shadows along with silent sorrows, and it seems as though the tomorrows are lost and lie crumbling in the dust just like those words that have fallen unsaid to die in the dust at my feet.

Knowing there is knowing turning back as I can feel like drums hitting like heavy guns in my heart as I turn back and have decided to meet the Man in the Long Black Coat, even though I might be shaking in my boots from his reputation, and it’s time to stop running and take a stand as the darkness falls.

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