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Thunder echoing across these high desert plains, and the smell of rain in the air as my mind races as to what options I should be taking if the storm should head this way and unleash its fury as it breaks. Thinking back for some unknown reasons as to what we once did in the name of fun, and looking back has me wondering why we aren’t all dead or at least having been hurt badly. All of this coming on the realization of my being another year older, as I am out here where the Tao has dictated me to be as I head on down the line.

Heading on down South and having made it where I am in just a matter of hours as I was route marching, as the miles melted away through both the wind and the rain like I was on a Southbound train. Now I don’t blame many for their silence as I pass them by like some kind of a wanderin’ ghost and ask them not to get up as I pass by. While some say that I need to change and grow when I am blamed for my own silence and then fade into either the scenery or the machinery. Feeling like a veteran of a thousand psychic wars and being made up of nothing but wounds, along with those scars I carry with me and have me wonder if there is truly anything left of me and seems as if there have been times when I have been to the edge where the winds of Limbo roar.

Wondering if things will ever change as some continue living under fear until nothing else remains, and still inside or outside nowhere is home as I continue to look for things and people to rely on along with the answers I have sought, and making many wonder if it is all or nothing with the house winning. Still, I know if I look to the skies I have those above I had to say goodbye to watching over me as I make my way on down the line. Being like a compass and making it able for me to keep on keeping on, and find my way to wherever the Tao directs me to go. With there still being times when both my heart and soul seem to feel so bad causing me to ask why and will it go on longer feeling that way?

Still, I won’t give in and hope you don’t disappear though I might appear to be returning to the fold for a flicker of a moment in time, with myself having been guilty of having done just about everything wrong and it seems as though nothing is right. People seem to try to talk to me, and their voices just burn holes in the air around them as I pass by feeling the vacuum of their eyes, and still when whispers are heard in the turning of twilight when the dark light of the false dawn has started the day, I know that I am in some kind of trouble every step of the way. So, come along, and maybe we can meet in the turning of twilight when the stars go from cherry red to blue and take a long moonlight ride. Maybe it can be like waking up in between a memory and a dream?

People come and go with some vanishing like smoke and some growing young, while there are others growing old and cold. With most never truly knowing how it feels and those I really don’t give a damn about along with their words of praise. So, let’s head on down the road where the Tao is directing each moment in time to be, and maybe we can beat that false clock as it ticks loudly trying to distract us both. Asking that you hold on when you get to be a little unsteady and don’t let go cause I will pick up the gauntlet when it is cast down and take up the fight instead of flying on down the road like most would. For the law of friendship, I hold sacred and won’t back down when called out.

I might not seem to speak right, but at least I know what I am talking about, and shoot from the hip and not mince my words so that they hit like bullets of fire. Something learned when living in another lifetime out in the streets, with all being seen was nothing but painted faces, and built up places while I was here where the poets and the beats were born and died out here in the night. Having me wonder at times if some will ever notice a person like me or you in their world? Still, I go roaming around to where I am directed by the Tao and seem to record all I see as if I were an artist who does all his drawings with the eye. Things may never change, and still, there are things that are and will always be best left unspoken, and instead letting the actions speak instead with what they set in motion.

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