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How I see me

How I see me

How I see society and myself.

It is said that we live in a free society. I question that and wonder if we are truly free, why has society attached so many strings, saying to us, you can belong if you do this or that, or feel this or that. There seems only to be two holes for us, as members to fit, according to society.

Round or Square, we are pegged into one or the other, even if we are a bit oval, or a bit rectangle.

Hammered into one or the other, made to fit with feelings of guilt, with feeling that we are not square or round not normal.

We are different and we must conform or be shunned or outcast because we choose to be individual, unique, real, honest, open minded and compassionate folks who choose to not to conform.

We have been told that we can be anything that we choose to be, "anything that we can conceive and believe we can achieve." We are then told that there are parameters, that to achieve we must stay within these parameters or we will never make anything of ourselves.

Fair? I think not. One loses themselves, their uniqueness, then start to lie to themselves and others, showing the colors of society not their own true colors.

Life is not about fairness me thinks, my opinion. Life is about living within parameters.

Should we not treat others as you would like to be treated?

Live and let live is and has been my personal motto, accept, care for, and tolerate others you do not have to agree, or conform, just be honest treat each equally and accept them for who they are. Treat everyone with respect, dignity and forgiveness.

This is how I wish to be treated, this is how I strive to treat others.

To be honest, though I strive, I have not been successful at doing this always. I am getting better, but I am a work in progress.

I still lie to myself from time to time, my alters, and yes I have a few, still control me at times. I am not perfect yet, other than being the perfect me at the moment.

Forgiveness for others being my strength, forgiveness for myself still my weakness.

Maybe some day society may find a place for this oval shaped man, a snug oval hole, for this oval peg to snuggle into.

One can always hope, that they will listen to their heart and hear clearly.

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