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8 years ago

No Need to Explain

Never assume, seek out the facts.

Life at times deals one dastardly fates.Accusations of crime open flood gates. Tried and convicted not given a chance.Some assume you're guilty of this dance. Nauseating twinge sets in stomachs pith.As others continue spreading this myth. Can one do anyth...

8 years ago

Singularly Special?

Have you ever wondered what the quiet singletons are thinking? No? Don't read this, then!

This musing only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.They say that there is someone for everyone. If that's the case, then somewhere out there, in that big, wide world, there is a fat, grumpy, depressed, cookie-...

8 years ago

Mindy Learns (part one)

Sometimes complicated lessons are really very easy.

My name is Mindy. I'm five years old. My hair is long and brown. I live with my mommy. She says my hair is pretty. She says I'm pretty, too. My mommy has to work a lot. I miss her but I get to stay with my Meme. My Meme is very old. Mommy is old too, but...

I heard an honest man lie A disguise to hide and mask When did respect die Truth found at the end of a flask Sober stories wrapped up Plastic hearts breathe fake love Dependent on culture to make it Fame fortune murder Haikus of distorted pleasure What ha...

As I close my eyes, I can feel everything. Every part of you is now every part of me. This dark desire is so intense and pure, And I know it is wrong, but I need you so. I don’t want to stop, nor will I ever, Until you walk away, I will be forever yours....

9 years ago

How I see me

How I see society and myself.

It is said that we live in a free society. I question that and wonder if we are truly free, why has society attached so many strings, saying to us, you can belong if you do this or that, or feel this or that. There seems only to be two holes for us, as me...

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9 years ago

How I See You

Life could be perfect if we all tried harder.

Prologue:With permission, my response to a poem written by a friend to all here on Stories Space. This Is Me: by wildrose_girl.My hairs too long, my body too short. You have what was given you, by the genetics' court. When I laugh really hard, sometime I...

9 years ago

From Sisyphus: My Stone

Sisyphus speaking to the stars about his plight

This stone is more than stone,more than weight against my arms,my shoulders, my neck--more than a stone my legs must shove,my hands must grasp,my lungs must grunt into--more than a moan inside my soulthat comes from knowing there is no escape from where I...

And you thrummed you fingers into my life. I felt these defences lower Like a retreat called in BattleAnd you made this heart beat, Beloved. When it had refused for years It creaked, groaned and broke asunderAnd so I began to feel slowly. I flailed and st...