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In A Lifetime

"A view of the current political landscape"

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Shadows are falling, and I have been standing here all day, with time seeming to be running away and there is no reason to really be anywhere. It feels like my sense of humanity is slowly going down the drain, and hope seems and feels like it is slowly becoming undone. While I feel like my humanity has gone down the drain. I ain’t really looking for anything in anyone’s eyes, and though it’s not dark yet the light of reason is now fading to nothing as if they are locking up the sun. Still, questions continue to burn on for reasons that can’t be explained, with all being like it’s either a bad trip or a sinking ship, and there is no one responsible while they look for a scapegoat or merely someone who’s expendable.

Facing the fears and asking if we can be sensible, and find a way to break the fall? I know we have all seen this before when the government lies to its people as the country slowly drifts to war as blood is seen in the ink of the headlines along with the sounds of the crowd is drifting in my ears. Shadows can be seen on the faces of those who send the guns and fan the flames. I know you might ask what it takes to remember when wars are fought in places where the names can’t be said, and these are the places where their business interests lie. Like you, I would like to know who those men are in the shadows and hear someone ask them why? There are lives in the balance here as well as there, and someone will finally have enough and pick up a rock or a stone with people under fire and blood on the wire.

You could say these are my blues and what I am playing, and the midnight moves which are stemming from a feeling deep inside of me. Time has come to take a stand, as well as remember who and what we are especially when it seems like there is no way out. Needing to keep our faith and there is little hope shadowed by doubt when chances were taken to turn the tide and to stand up when called out and the woes come down. Maybe soon the fever spreading from my heart, and my head will finally break like a dream evaporates and still walking the streets are those with guns in their hands sharing hate in a dreamlike state. Making many scared to speak their mind, and round and round it goes with their reasons for it all from their holes below the ground as they believe that the Devil will set them free.

So, let’s see action, and people who care though the tar might be warm beneath our feet as time and life finally meet. Let’s be free and see who cares along with freedom in the air we might not know where we are going but we will get to where we need to end up, and that’s all right. We might be out here on our own when the nights are cold as fires burn into the night feeling like we are hanging on the edge of destruction. If we can’t stick together and walk tall cool, collected like a new breed though we are all flawed, we might as well let them win.

Seeing the fields burning and it feels like Hell is tryin’ to come through, and the river is rising and knowing once the dogs of war are unleashed there isn’t any chance at stopping them until it is too late, and I have been told that in Hell I will have or be in good company. But, then again one must never underestimate the power of one and one voice that can strike one hard across the face loud enough to drive the choices from their heads. The tide maybe finally turning with the half-life of evil finally dying out, and we can’t fade into the night.

Copyright: Timberwolf International LTD. September 2017 – 64


Written by Shotgun011
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