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Less of a Musing, More of a Rant.

"I'm a little peeved. Better write about it. I hate that word: Peeved."
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I vigorously dislike it when you give someone advice, and they just don’t take it. You know, I gave some really good advice. I was kind about it, but it was just ignored. I can’t rant about it here without giving it away, but fucking hell, really?

You know what else I dislike? Seeing computer terms mis-abbreviated. I don’t care if that’s a word, I’m using it. I saw a CD-R, and on it was printed, “700 Mb”. Really? Seven hundred megabits? That’s tiny! Also, fucking erroneous. It’s 700 megabytes. A megabit is a million bits. A megabyte is... You guessed it one million bytes. Now, I could go into teaching you about binary and how to count units in computer terms and all that shite, but you know what? I ain’t gonna bore you. Can’t be bothered.

What I can be bothered with is telling you about my laptop. No, I can’t be bothered with that either. It sucks that it keeps killing itself. I keep killing power supplies. But I’m not talking about that. I’m going to close the lid on my laptop, I’m going to get some water and then take a sip of my port.

So, now that I’ve done that, patted the dog’s head on the way past and started typing again, I’m going to tell you about my water. It’s nothing special. That’s the fucking bother. I wanted sparkling water, but I had to get still water. I can’t seem to get sparkling water for a decent price anywhere. I’m not paying anything over £1 for something that is basically free. All they do is add fizz. That’s not that complicated or special, and it ain’t as if it’s drawn from a rare source. It all comes from the same place; the sky. Okay, different places from different bits of sky, but still from the sky. So why, oh why, does it cost so frigging much? No bloody idea.

I can’t seem to drink wine these days without my sinuses blocked up. Yet another reason to rant. Yeah, so maybe I should stop drinking wine. No chance. No chance at all. Not a sliver of a chance. Get it? I am not stopping drinking wine. Stop telling me to stop. Ain’t as if I’m an alky. I drink one glass of port per week. One glass. And half a bottle of wine. I share the wine with my mum. The grapes are probably just going through a bad phase. It happens.

Know what else happens? Shit.

I just wanna sit and relax and enjoy a movie, so I’m off to watch The Man from Earth. Roland recommended it to me and I’ve only just got around to downloading it. I’ll tell you how I liked it. Probably on Facebook.

Ah, give me a moment, I need to say some shit about that. I add people from here and other sites on Facebook. Be aware, it is my personal account. Behave or you get booted. I take no messing. You piss me off, you get the pleasure of being told to fuck off. It takes a lot to piss me off enough for me to boot you, but still, be fucking careful if you ever add me.

In happier news, I’m buying a bass next month. I’m quite happy with it. I also changed the speakers in my gaming setup. The ones I had were buzzing far too much. Didn’t affect the quality, but it did piss me off when they were switched off, so off they went.

Right, I’m offski.

Andrew =^.^=

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