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Let it be Heard

"Lost in the world, one must shout out and be heard echoing through the gale"
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Let it be heard, I am only a girl. One of many, and somewhere in the middle of that ever changing group. I am just here, living, creating, destroying, just the same as you. My path intertwines with yours as you read this, and in fact now I had effectively changed and manipulated your mind in some sort of way, because you are still reading this with interest ranging from mildly amused to fully intrigued by my words.

Let it be heard, I am only human. One of the masses. Stuck here on this planet, toe to toe with friends and foes alike. I have a path whether it was plotted before me or my own chosen way. It doesn't matter, we are still here, we still continue forward. We make a choice big or small and it grows, and blossoms and touches everyone. We must keep in mind such actions can harm others as well. Walking on eggshells I press forward accepting the consequences of living my life.

Let it be heard, I am only a person. Child in older folks eyes, adult in the younger crowd's eyes. Time is never really on our side regardless. We live, we die, that is our one true fate that we all share. The world will move on without us, we may leave our mark, but the world will eventually leave us behind. Even those who may eventually become immortal, death finds us eventually not a force one can stop, living forever isn't as grand a fate as one would think. Watching as people past by, never waging and watching as those around you disappear.

Let it be heard, I am only a living creature. I do what I can, when I can, wherever I can. No one else can stop me. They can influence me, but I can only stop me, as you can only stop you. Life is a battle, one strives to win always. Not just love, or the pursuit of happiness, but life as a whole. We are neither strong nor weak. We just have a desire, a wish, and the burning passion that drives us forward to achieve it. They will be others who strive for the same wish, or a similar wish, or even opposing wishes. We struggle against them and it isn't the strongest who achieves their wish or desire, but the ones who strives for it the most to beat out everyone else.

Let it be heard, I am only me. No one else can change that. I will always be me, even if I change I will still be me. I have never known anything other than myself to be me. I am the best judge of my character and the worst judge of me character for I can only be what I am, as you can only be what you are, and deep inside you know it to be true. Every choice you make to change still makes you who you are, even if you pretend to be someone else you are still being you, because it was your choice to be that way.

So Let it be heard, I am only living my life.


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