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Philosophy Stories


The Dome

A dark look into a frightened soul

  I glance at my swollen belly, disgustingly wet from the sweating, while sitting on the creaking chair in this awful tavern. My old and weak hands are holding a pint of warm beer, barely enlightened by a feeble light coming from a small lamp hanging just...


The illusion of life

You bawl at the deceased because he has already escaped from the human world of w...

It was said that, since Buddha had given a public education in a country. The common people all became the morals, courtesy, and thoughtfulness. They lived in harmony with the mutual love and support each other, which had made the land verily a paradise....


The passenger in the journey of life

A divinely brilliant life has no regret when DEATH comes along...

One day, Buddha passed a respected philanthropist's house fortuity. The master was not at home. He glanced around that sumptuous house. Everything was very cozy and grandiose. There placed a chaise longue next to the hall. The master raised some dogs. He...


The Will Of HEAVEN

Does HEAVEN truly exist? Why are there so many creatures suffering in the secular world?

All creatures are the will of HEAVEN. It started from the ancient time to elongate till now. How much can the earthling gain or lose? HEAVEN commands it all. Does HEAVEN truly understand all kinds of distress? Why does HE not to guide the earthling? Why d...


I got a name

Try to seek for the success, never find an excuse for the failure !

Everyone has his own name.The name is also his registered label!And how many people will protect it seriously?No matter the one is SOMEBODY or NOBODY!They still have their own reputation!!! -----------------------------------------------------------------...

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The Cocktails of Science: Drink deep, or taste not

Want to talk science, but can't get your buddies out of the pub? Science cocktails to the rescue!

I'm one of those people who just loves science, and wants everybody else to love it too. Unfortunately, many of my friends are more interested in imbibing fermented fruit juices and hanging out in pubs. And thus, in an effort to meet them halfway, have fu...

Plato's Student

A gypsy fortune teller inspires an old man to change his life and become a philosopher

Gordon Fink looked in the bathroom mirror and muttered to himself, I look like an old man. He leaned over the sink, then moved his face closer to the mirror and noticed the wrinkles on his forehead, his thinning white hair. I'm losing so much hair. He loo...

The Mountain, The Sea, The Hell, and The Heaven

A short collection of poems on adult ideas for anyone of any ages to delve into.

THE MOUNTAIN I am a mountain. I am massive, and I am immovable. I do not need to move, Because I am fine where I am. I let others walk over me, But it does not hurt me, Because my skin is so tough. Dust blows onto me, and stays for a while. Then it leaves...


Let it be Heard

Lost in the world, one must shout out and be heard echoing through the gale

Let it be heard, I am only a girl. One of many, and somewhere in the middle of that ever changing group. I am just here, living, creating, destroying, just the same as you. My path intertwines with yours as you read this, and in fact now I had effectively...

From Morning Songs: Sitting Here With Immortal Poets

Sitting with Keats, Whitman and Shakespeare chatting about their poetry and lives

Sitting here this morning with my second cup of coffee, looking at the empty chair across from me, wondering what I’d say if suddenly John Keats was there or Whitman with his broad rimmed hat or Shakespeare (would I call him Will?) and so somehow in the w...


How well do we ever know someone?

So, I don't know why, but I got to thinking today...(I know scary huh?) How well do we ever really know anyone? I know its not a new question by any means, and no doubt there have been many papers, books, letters, stories and so on written about this very...