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I dream of a city where everyone are neighbors Knowing helping each other isn’t wrong And there is no race or color Where old ladies can feel safe and sound   I dream of a state that works as one Taxing people fairly and giving back what isn’t theirs Help...


Life Is Like A Crystal Ball Of Fortune

All I want to live in real for once, not just to exist!

Life is like a crystal ball of fortune.When it falls into pieces,the people try to grab it.Someone grab it more,someone grab it less,someone grab it none.Dear friend, how much have you grabbed yet? ---------------------------------------------------------...


The Will Of HEAVEN

Does HEAVEN truly exist? Why are there so many creatures suffering in the secular world?

All creatures are the will of HEAVEN. It started from the ancient time to elongate till now. How much can the earthling gain or lose? HEAVEN commands it all. Does HEAVEN truly understand all kinds of distress? Why does HE not to guide the earthling? Why d...



The world stops, silence prevails It starts again, chaos So much rush, so much greed I think silence is all we need. Everyday day at four, go out and see Beauteous benign beatific breeze blows In your heart , you will feel That silence is really a great d...

In an ideal world, Utopia is the capital and Thomas More the kingPeople would be happy and not want for a thingThere would be no wars, pestilence, or diseaseThere would be no homeless on the streets to freezeBabies would smile and never cryYour parents wo...

Will You, Please?

I wish I no longer care.

If I were not hard to please or too aloof to say the least If I were to care less with judgements to be at ease If I were too insensible to notice or deaf and blind to see If I were strong enough but no, my heart crumbles to hear thee And now I am wishing...

A World in Turmoil

Why can't we all get along?

The world is at unrest. We're all on tenterhooks. Governments running roughshod over civilians,civilians creating militaries,turning into terrorists.We're not far from war. Humans can't get along,never could. A constant swirling of dust,symbolising the tu...

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I still go there with youin a beautiful and sweet hazesurrounded by our serenityourselves up thereour mind out of our bodiesI happily drift all the wayto the world we createdthe place we buildwhere we forged our freedompure and truewhere we killed eviland...


Let it be Heard

Lost in the world, one must shout out and be heard echoing through the gale

Let it be heard, I am only a girl. One of many, and somewhere in the middle of that ever changing group. I am just here, living, creating, destroying, just the same as you. My path intertwines with yours as you read this, and in fact now I had effectively...


a little lighter

ruminations on desert ecosystemsbring to mindall those scaly, spiky, hard survivorsmaking a good livingenduring thirst under a relentless suncleaners circle overhead, hovering in updraftsor recon artists hoarding the dark closein thermoregulationeach occa...

The World

There lived...

Once upon a time where frogs and butterflies lived in peaceful war and jellyfish had zones of pear, there lived a frog who wore striped rainbow pants. He was no ordinary frog. No, he was yellow. He lived in the cave where the dolphins of over-under flew p...