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"you always have to be open and ready...."

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A series of random events, compiled to either make or break the person subjected to their existence.

Some events I'm convinced we all have to go through, in order to test our coping and adaptability skills we all need to make it here on this plane of existence.

All the wrong people that seem to come into our lives, are really tests to see if we are ready and deserving of that single window of awesomeness that rarely comes our way.

You always have to be open and ready, otherwise you could miss the best thing that is ever to come into your life, without realizing what had just passed by was actually God's greatest gift meant just for you.

Heartache is slow to mend, but your heart, mind, and spirit must always remain receptive, or miss out on a gift more precious than money, and even more special.

When you close off your heart, mind, and spirit you are unable to embrace the great joys and be part of the rewards that were a gift God sent as just yours, so it's the same thing as giving up, and lying down to die.

God loves you and would never ask, or expect his children to face a trial, or tribulation that he wasn't certain you are equipped to deal with, learn from, and push through stronger and wiser than before.

Have faith in God and his ultimate love as you allow him to guide you unerringly through this minefield, he won't let you down but safely guide you through to the other side.

Written by sinful
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