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marigolds 5 years ago

Mama Didn’t Show Me How to Cope - Chapter 1

How much can one write if their memories are a single blur?

I had about five minutes to think this over. Picture this: I’m sitting in the bathroom taking a dump, I have a case of diarrhea and stomach cramping due to having a stomach infection that occurred right after I returned from my trip to Mexico during sprin...

Welshdreamer42 6 years ago

We Three

A short, one act play

Characters: ELLE - Middle-aged, dishevelled, wearing nightclothes. BETH - Indeterminate age, smartly dressed in casual attire. LISA - Twenty-something, short dress, heels, make-up. WAI...

sinful 6 years ago


you always have to be open and ready....

A series of random events, compiled to either make or break the person subjected to their existence. Some events I'm convinced we all have to go through, in order to test our coping and adaptability skills we all need to make it here on this plane...