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I'm 39yrs old. A mother, a friend, & a care giver. I try to enjoy life and time with my friends. I have a big heart and a short fuse, don't mess with my friends or family and we are all good but please don't mistake my kindness for weakness, that is not the way it is at all. I'm here to enjoy good writers and maybe submit more of my own. Make some good friends and chat with them,.

Reading, writing, fishing, getting out, cars, racing, mudding, anything you can do in the middle of no where!!!! Talking to and making true friends who like me for me, because this is it people take it or leave it!!!!

Favorite Books
So many I can't name them all

Favorite Authors

Favorite Movies
Underworld ( all of them), The fast and Furious movies, all the Twilight movies, and so many more...especially if something is blowing up or gory horror

Favorite TV Shows
Supernatural, The Simpsons, Family Guy...etc

Favorite Music
I love all music except opera.
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shard after shard ripping through

Standing on the edge... The brink of nothingness.... Alone... Empty... Hopeless... Unloved... Broken... Shattered... Piece by piece... Floating away... One anguished memory after another... Broken and jagged... Ragged and sharp... Shard after shard rippin...


you always have to be open and ready....

A series of random events, compiled to either make or break the person subjected to their existence. Some events I'm convinced we all have to go through, in order to test our coping and adaptability skills we all need to make it here on this plane of exis...

Broken Hearted

you say one thing.....

You say one thing, But do the total opposite. You tell me you love me, Yet it's not me by your side. You say we are family, But I feel like the outsider. You say you care, But you think I shouldn't feel hurt. How else should I feel, When my heart is tosse...