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Long Winter Night

Long Winter Night

Out here on a long and lonely highway as I make my way down the line, and I know there will soon be times when my thoughts will soon be wandering like they always do. And there are the times when I can feel their eyes upon me from those I pass on by, and it shouldn’t bother me but there are times when I find myself counting as I pray to keep from exploding outward in a pattern. With there being times when their voices can be clearly heard, and most times they can’t be heard yet, sometimes the words that are heard echo in my mind. Which sometimes make me feel a little unsteady for the word is what binds us all to either Heaven or Hell, and I wonder if they have any idea that words can also be used as weapons that have the power to hurt, maim, and to kill in some cases.

Knowing you can’t live if too scared to die, and I feel so alive knowing I can make it on a wish and a prayer if I really want to, and be occasionally blinded by the dark light of a new sun rising. Holding on to faith and hope for when the bad times come, and having taken things to the edge for reasons only I know as I try to fill those holes inside of me with those answers that have been sought. With my heart having been more than once having been opened with what felt like a shotgun blast. And not needing to be told how things feel as I have found out more on my own as I make my way down the line.

Going where the Tao directs and sometimes looking into that mirror on the shelf and making peace with the enemy and breaking down those walls that seem so confining. And contrary to what many think I don’t have ice water running through my veins or a heart of stone, just a heart made of steel that has been grown from all the kicks and blows that will never be shown after seeing the meaner side of life. And when the moment is right fire can be seen in my eyes looking red like jungles burning bright. After having been told I’ll be nothing when I finally grow old, and having seen them take away the prophet’s dreams and when you have been fighting all your life and faced all the hurt, lies makes one stronger than any will ever know. The most dangerous thing is one who has nothing left to lose that ignites that fire deep in the soul, to try and make things right.

Making my way down those roads, and dancing to a different drum allows me to see what’s going on while I try to leave the madness behind, and searching for the real thing(s). Holding on and keeping the spirit alive as I make changes like Dylan’s Jack of Hearts. Sometimes wondering if what I have been chasin’ will ever set me free? Or have me wondering where in the hell I have been going or who I am? Making me at times unsure where I truly belong but I won’t yield in my quest, and knowing too that only spectres have pity out in the alleys and on the streets of the cities.

But, you can tell everybody that I played my cards and never folded though I was trying to win with a losing hand, and there will be a time to do what must be done. Be it now or kingdom come, as I stand up and face the dark light of the sun. There is a thin line between love and hate and like a soldier I will stand and never retreat or surrender except when I hear the angels finally call.

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