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Marching On

"If you're looking for something, this isn't it"
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Published 5 years ago
Oh…..March 1 st , how nice to see you again. I would like to come to an agreement today,if at all possible. If you promise not to be a miserable prick, I promise I will not call you one. Maybe I will even start to like you, or at least be cordial; a fake smile eventually turns real. I think I’m going to coin that. Be it true or not, I am going to post it everywhere and find out. If you force a smile, does the forcing part of it go away? Well we shall see. I am starting today, March 1 st , 2016 with a mellow calm. I have managed one grin, a few smirks and am falling short of an actual smile. Ewwwww I look smug. Gross.

I’ll go back to that. I came to this site to write. Wait! I write all the time. I came to share my writing, with the hopes of making someone else smile. That is really why I submit things for everyone, or no one, to read. I should probably blog. I’ll look into that. I have to say it is NOT easy AT ALL for me to NOT swear while I write. I have to attempt to think about not swearing while I think and write. Obviously I’m thinking about not swearing right now, or I wouldn’t be writing this nonsense. Anywhooooo…last evening a friend was upset because another friend read, scored, and commented on a story my friend had written. That’s confusing…..hang on, let me try again…..

Anna wrote a lovely story about her cat. I personally do not do pets, but Anna is a friend whom I adore and therefore her writings are special to me. A glimpse inside her mind. I scored her a 5 and left a comment including “thank you for sharing”. Why do I write that in my comments? Because I am grateful for most of the emotions, as well as the raw beauty, that many people hide away in their real lives but shine a spot light on in interspace. I am grateful that we are able to share ourselves here that way. Anna sent me an email telling me she was very upset that Amanda gave her a low score and a critical comment. Poor dear Anna. Amanda’s comment was in no way mean. It was actually quite nice, Anna still feels it was a personal attack and decides to score Amanda’s story as low as possible. (I hope this fictionalesque story makes sense. I mean I hope you understand what happened.) WHY?? No idea. If I don’t like an author, be it their style or their material, I don’t read their work. If I don’t want criticism, I don’t submit my work. Seems pretty simple right? Obviously it is NOT and now I am insensitive? I am always insensitive, I just don’t agree with you today. You’ll be alright. Pat pat pat, on the head.

Oh look, I am smiling for real. It is genuine and I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee yet. Isn’t that interesting? Not really. Just a side note it seems. Alright March, I believe I am ready to do this. I wish I knew one of those catch phrases that Amanda uses all the time…..bull by the horns? Yeah, that is what I am grabbing. I hope to steer the steer….see? That is why I steer clear of catch phrases. I confuse myself. I had something else to say. It was equally irrelevant…

Oh, right…..

Dear Reader,

If you do not like my material, and find it pointless, I am okay with you admitting that. I am also okay with scores you feel are justified as well as comments that others may view as negative. I write to get it out. I hope reading what’s on my mind will gain, at the least, a single smile from anyone. I am smiling already so my work here is done for the time being. Thanks for listening. 

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