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"Just a wee guide to help you meditate, should you wish to try."

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Over the years, I’ve been asked by quite a few people how to meditate. Each time I mention that I meditate, I’m bound to be asked how to do it. I’ll tell you how I, personally, meditate. Bear in mind, that my way will differ from other people’s. This is not an exact definitive guide, but more like a little advice that I’ve noticed works for myself and may well work for you.

The first step is to go somewhere relaxing. It could be your own bedroom, a room in your house or somewhere outside, whatever works. You do have to experiment to find your personal preference.

You can meditate with or without background noise. A lot of people advise that you should go somewhere silent and not think of anything. I’ll get on to the thinking part later, but for now, let’s just focus on the noise. I like to put some music on. It doesn’t have to be meditation music, per se. In fact, it can be anything that relaxes you, even if that does happen to be loud, obnoxious heavy metal.

So, you have your place and your music, if chosen. Now you need a position. The most popular one is the lotus position with your hands resting in your lap. This isn’t by any means wrong, nor is it definitely the only position, but it is all up to personal preference. You can lay down on a bed, straddle a barbed wire fence, balance on one leg, however you like. Just don’t blame me if it goes wrong, I’m not instructing you, just trying to help you find your bestest position. I like just sitting cross legged (or Indian style, as some folk call it) on my bed. I light some incense or a candle for the scent and stick some music on.

Sometimes I like to have a focus. This can be a couple of gemstones, a candle or some incense, or you can have no focus and just let it happen naturally, which is the best way for me. It is nice to have something to ground you, though. I like to hold an amethyst crystal in my left hand and a hematite in my right. Amethyst is a good stone for calming energies and hematite is good for energising, getting your power back and all that. In a lot of Pagan faiths, the hand with which you write is your power hand and the other hand is the receptive hand. Your power hand is the one you put out energies with and the receptive hand is the one you receive energies with.

Now for the thinking, or non-thinking, part. As I’ve mentioned, some people say that you shouldn’t think of anything, that you should clear your mind completely. Well, meditation is thinking deeply, so why would you do that? What they mean by that, and what I do, is to not consciously think of anything. It takes a bit of time to master that, but after a while, you’ll get it. Meditation is something that you consciously decide to do, but then you have to subconsciously allow it to guide you. Sounds hard, but you’ll understand after a while, and you’ll feel yourself going from that conscious state to the subconscious state, and when you do, you’ll realise just how damned cool it is.

Now you’ve got all the steps in place, it’s time to begin the actual act of meditation. Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe slowly and steadily in through your nose and out through your mouth. Because you’re learning to consciously control your breathing, it will be difficult at first. You may want to close your eyes, that’s fine, do what feels natural. In case you hadn’t realised, meditation is all about doing what feels natural. Don’t think consciously, but if thoughts come, don’t consciously interrupt or entertain them, go with the flow. A more advanced technique you might want to try later, is to feel the energy wherever you are and draw them to you. It’s not easy to explain how to do that, but it’s like pulling something along with a rope, only with your mind, if that makes sense.

How long should you meditate for? There’s no set time. Keep going until your body or mind doesn’t want to. It’s difficult to gauge at first, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll understand how to do it.

There is one thing I should say. It may come as a surprise, but some people feel the need to be a little naughty when meditating. I’ll just assume you know what I mean by that. If that happens to you, my best advice is just go for it. It’s your subconscious telling you that you need a release, most of the time, and sometimes a sexual release is the best thing to do about that. Just, please, remember to do it away from innocent eyes or people who might object to that happening, so if you’re a masturbating meditator, don’t do it outside.

When you come out of your meditative state, you may feel a bit groggy. This is normal. You have just been in a very deeply relaxed state, it’s natural that you’d find the normal world a bit alien. Just remember your breathing and relax. It tends to be that once the subconscious takes over the breathing, you have to concentrate to control it again. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Slowly take yourself out of the state by breathing and allowing yourself to become re-acclimatised. You may also want to warn people that you’re going to meditate beforehand, so they don’t disturb you. There’s nothing worse than being dragged from a meditative state, believe me, it can be a little scary.

Once you’ve returned to your non-meditative state, take a stretch. There’s no need to do any kind of stretching exercises, but if you feel the need, go ahead. This next step, however, cannot be left out: Make a cup of tea.

Tea in itself is like meditation. If you’ve read any of my other musings, poems or stories, you’ll understand how much I love my tea.

Above all, just enjoy yourself and don’t think too much about it. That’s how I meditate. Others do it differently, but it’s all about finding your own style. I should also add, it isn’t about spirituality or religion. Anyone can meditate, no matter what they believe, and they shouldn’t feel badly or made to feel badly about it. It’s about relaxing and achieving a better understanding of yourself through your subconscious mind. It can be used for religious or spiritual awareness, but that’s not how I use it, so I don’t really have any input about that. I’m guessing the methods would probably be similar, albeit with a more religious bent. Anyway, writing this has been quite meditative in itself and editing it has been quite fun, but I’m at the end of it. Happy and safe meditating!

Andrew =^.^=
Written by Circle_Something
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