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the transaction that create memories


We move because we cannot afford to stand still. Life revolves centrically, clashing between one another. Bumping into other lives. We are like pinballs, absorbing every impact. We exist on other people’s worlds for a limited time. Then we disappear like a phantom. These are the transactions that create memories. Memories are everything. It is the same reason why you pay 100 dollars to go to a theme park. The same reason why you take a vacation or get married. Everything goes away, but memories are forever.

One cannot live a just life because they believe life can be just. Nothing is ever given nor guaranteed. If we accept that, then disappointments will seem like outlets rather than failures. People are not guaranteed. Your husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, mom, dad. Not one person is guaranteed fully. Rather they are borrowed for a limited time. We only exist in these worlds because these people allow us to exist. Once they go away, only memories are left.

Although at times life may seem overwhelming, you cannot fodder on the negativities. Remember that nothing is guaranteed. Here is a paradox; about the only thing that is guaranteed is that nothing is guaranteed. Once we establish this, life becomes full. We begin to see that these everyday transactions as everyday miracles. We enter a person’s world for a limited time, and then we are gone. Broken relationships, lost siblings, lost parents, children, etc. All these connections are held together with twine not chains.

Cherish these connections for they are pleasant; cherish these people because they float around your atmosphere, your world, your life! Everybody fears the end of the world. The reality is that it is the end of millions of worlds a day. How lucky are those who will witness the end of universal times, or at least humanity. No one will die alone. We will all share the denial of existence in unison.

Lucky are those who perish, unfortunate those who will burry them. Dying is easy, living is hard. Death comes and goes without prejudice; a quick swipe and we are gone. Those who have to pick up the pieces suffer the most. Those who must live without the existence of the lost. We carry a burden for the rest of our lives, a hole that is never filled. We lost a transaction. We lost another world. Jesus Christ carried the cross of humanity. We now must all carry that cross in some point of our lives. The metaphorical cross of a lost world. When we lose a person, we carry that forever. It gets heavier before it gets lighter.

Love is the most powerful force in humanity. Love causes great deaths as well as creates lives. Love for each other as well as beliefs. Love allows your heart to be filled with joy but it can also be filled with depression. Our hearts feel empty because we miss the thing that brought us joy. We hurt when we lose someone because we loved them so much. That is the ultimate test of love. With every push there is a pull. If your love was a numerical value, lets say 100, how much can be subtracted? If I loved at 100, then that love is taken, I will lose 100. The higher the love the bigger the loss. Never fear love, embrace it. Never allow the outside world dictate your love. Their worlds are floating yours is grounded.

Everything boils down to those small spurts of time we spend on transactions. When you close your eyes at night, when the outside does not pertain, what is your unrelenting love? Or in other words what is your fondest memory?

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