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Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

I ain’t losing track of what’s important and I don’t think I will be heading back to where I started, and along the way someone said that life was simple but it sure as Hell wasn’t fair. I just need to follow through and do all that I can for my heart won’t let me give in. There are things that could be different or at least been handled differently than they were at the time they happened,-
With there having been many roads that I have traveled down as the days pass me by, with me asking those sitting down to not get up as I pass through and mark my passage, but then again what cares I for their praise? With me being at times like some sort of a wandering ghost in their eyes.

Most of the time I can keep both feet on the ground, as I follow the paths, and reading the signs to stay with while the road unwinds. And to handle whatever I stumble upon and to deal with the situations that arise, and be able to survive and endure all and to be strong enough not to hate, though I might be caught up with all in this world. I try not to build up illusions and be afraid of the confusion they might cause ,-
Just like those who enjoy having me think I’m running and going out of my mind as I encounter the obstacles they place in my way, but they don’t realize I’ve died in some form several times before and have come back each time by picking myself up from the floor. With there having been times I’ve been afraid to lose control, as I wasted time, and wasted breath. And have found myself thinking at times that I have thought and second guessed myself to death. As I find I'm counting as I pray to keep myself from exploding outward in a pattern.

Been thinking with the feelings in my heart and finding I’ve been moving with the thoughts in my head, and then when I open my mouth to find those words that come out and fall at my feet to die in the dust is from something I've read. I have stood here at this door more than once before, or so I have been told. But a part of me knows that I'm growing old. Closing my eyes at times to remember that I was born without this fear I sometimes feel and if I walk away from all things I know only the sun and it’s dark light will remain,-
Knowing if things could be seen through my eyes it might seem as if I were a new version of the book of Job. The way things change show that I don’t have the answers like those winds of change never bother to explain anything when they hit. And my Heart still lives on never letting me give in.

Hanging my head and closing my eyes as I lean back against the wall, I think back to the Jester with a mix of Fire and Ice in his eyes, who said there would be emotions expressed, but wasn’t specific about it. . Along with the rest of that Mangy Motley crew who never would fret, flinch, whine, or kvetch, with their word as strong as oak as they stood solid like a wall of bricks,-
All my comrades I have aren’t around like they used to be and aren’t here for me to boast of or to have me vouch for. So here I am walking alone like a rambling sign making my way down the line, not really giving a damn about those Self Proclaimed Saints quick to judge.

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