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Survivor 1 year ago


Thoughts and dreams and wonderment

A questing thought occurred with a restless glimpse across the arcade at her face. In the background, the rat-a-tat-tatt bing-a-bing-a-bing of the games surrounded what was a rather sedate and deeply pure entrance into a meditative state. One of intern...

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Shotgun011 5 years ago

Reminded of A Series of Dreams

This one was started in 2011, and was really published in an anthology

Standing here on a wooded ridge feeling the fine drizzling rain in my face here in the North Country Fair, and feeling as if I had wiped the dust from my hands and the sleep from my eyes and being aware of changes taking place. As I find myself standing h...

Shotgun011 5 years ago

Carbon Leaf

This was another that has been actually published in an anthology

Once again I find myself making my way down the line and this time I haven’t heard that old Highway 61 call, and knowing exactly where I have been and now have had most of my yesterdays tagged and filed away as I watch all roll by. And that Girl from The...

adi_me 5 years ago

Calming Chaos

Ranting and rambling with extreme language

I am finding it increasingly difficult to witness chaotic confusion at work without letting it bother me. Three hours into my day and I want to scream over the radio “EVERYONE CALM THE FUCK DOWN”!!, but instead I will calm down and vent here. Lucky you.