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New Laptop: First Piece

"One of those sit and write kinda things, no filtering or anything like that."
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Published 7 years ago
First piece of writing on my new laptop, this is. I wonder what it’ll be? Any ideas? A poem? A story? A musing? All three? Could be! But if it is a poem, it ain’t gonna be set out like one. I often find myself wondering why poems are set out in such a way. It would make just as much sense if it was set out in the same way as prose.

Enjambement is another thing I don’t quite understand. I can understand starting a sentence off with a capital, but not every new line. Sometimes I follow this guideline, sometimes I don’t. It really just depends on how lazy I’m being.

I seem to be getting thwarted on that paragraph by some unknown formatting error, or something. Who the hell knows? I don’t. The text seems to jump when I type something, but it doesn’t auto-advance, not like it is in this paragraph, so whatever’s happening above, ain’t happening below.

Ha! This thing isn’t Wiccan. I am. Sorta. Enough to feel like calling myself it. Anyway, you all know my thoughts about it. I love the earth and nothing is going to stop me.

Now that I’ve got my laptop almost completely fixed; I’ve got the most important parts, like the monitor fixed, I should clean it a bit. I’ll do that tomorrow, if I’m not too busy fixing my friend’s laptop.

I’ve been quite busy this week, which is cool because it gets me more money and also more quality sleep. I go to bed satisfied with a good day’s work, even if it was just doing something simple, like advertising, or testing something.

I think I like the testing phase the best. I like the repair phase, too, because it is satisfying when it works out for the best. Sometimes things are just beyond repair, but like a doctor, I always do all that I can to save it. I suppose it might seem a little strange, but I do think of myself as a computer doctor. Heck, sometimes it feels like that.

When I get a list of symptoms, I have a checklist of things that I think could be wrong with a computer and I run through it. It’s often a process of elimination and pretty decent common sense. Sometimes it’s as simple as a cable being unplugged, sometimes more complex like a component needing replacing. I have to say, I do enjoy my job, but would enjoy it more if I got more customers.

I went to my friend’s house a lot this week. He had a laptop that he needed fixing, which was pretty easy to do. Some screws had come loose and the screen bezel was also loose, so a few screws and glue, and it was fixed. There’s another problem developed with it, but it’s a simple cable problem, nothing complex, really.

When I was at Kurt’s, we did a spell. I’m sure it’s because of the spell that my business is going a little better. I’m going to buy the ingredients for the spell, personalise it and cast it, when I have more money.

Man, I’m loving this keyboard. It’s so fast, and can keep up with me. The keys are just the right tension and it just flies. Not to mention, it’s backlit, so I can type in the dark if I want. Me likey! Also, I like the tone of the keys. Tone is a big factor for me. I don’t mean that I have an electronic sound happening when I press the keys, but the actual acoustic sound of it as my fingers land upon them.

This has always been a big thing for me. My favourite gaming pads are almost silent, my favourite keyboards have a slight click to them, my favourite TV and other remote controls have no sound to their keys, but do have a firm pressing action. When it comes to electronics, I have very exacting standards. If I can’t customise it, then it’s out. I’ll either give it to someone else or just stop using it.

In fact, acoustics are quite a big thing for me. If I can’t stand the tone of a fan, I have to get rid of it. If a room doesn’t sound right, I have to modify it. If a person’s voice grates, well, then I just have to ignore them, it ain’t as if I could rip out their vocal cords and rearrange them, is it? Might be kinda cool if I could though.

I knew this guy who sounded like Joe Pasquale. People didn’t really talk to the poor guy because of his voice, but actually once you got over it, and tuned in, you could ignore the voice itself and just listen to the words. We wound up sharing a few vodkas, laughs and leers.

Vodka. Oh, my Lady, I’m missing you.
It’s making me blue.
To drink you,
Is like drinking the stars
Stars and bars,
And pussy cars.
Cars pussies drive
Because they are not cleared to skydive.

So, after three hours, or thereabouts, of Skype with Aria, I’m now ready to go to bed. It was nice to hear her, even if she was just doing homework. I fixed Frieda, and it was pretty cool. We were doing our own thing, but it seemed like we were just there, together, in the zone and communicating telepathically. I love that.

Andrew =^.^=

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