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North Delta

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Remembering a time walking all alone in the Southern rain, and passing by both graveyards and battlefields along with the forests and the fields that stand here under both the moon and the sun’s dark light. Knowing that at one time both the Valkyrie and the Angels came to gather to carry off those who left their blood stained on those battlefields, past the moon to live forever in either Heaven or in Valhalla and they never placed any blame or left anyone behind. Now it seems as if the world is tearing itself apart with all of the disasters hitting at one time makes me pause and wonder if the angels will come down again when our cries and prayers for them are heard?

Some have never felt those troubles or the pain, and have acted like life is nothing but a joke or their pantomime with there being too much confusion and not enough relief. It all might be strange with there being things found that aren’t needed and can sometimes drop us to our knees, as they fill our head with doubts. It is easy to forget, and then we ask who in the hell we thought we were, and then choke on the regrets we try to hide away. Still, old habits die hard and it might be painful to smile but, it hides some of the scars that mark some of the choices we made and carry. Hearing some I pass by as I make my way down the line say that if it was a mistake they made then they can live with it, and that has me wonder what was the effect that was caused by the choice they made as it travels out like ripples on water?

Feels like I have been runnin’ away from the darkness that seems to be fallin’ and feel at times I have lost the war and ye, won most of the battles which were there with some when we first met. Having continually pushed hard on my luck and at times on the patience of those I have known and loved, and has me looking at those scars I carry like souvenirs, as well as has me questioning if I should believe the lines on my hands. Wondering if the faithful will be rewarded if and when the end arrives, as it seems as though the end of days might be sooner than later? Would there be anyone calling and will those few stand with me through it all?

There are times when I hear those voices of those I have left behind or have failed in some ways, and I wonder if you will understand and not let go of my hand, and not let go? Time seems to be fleeting as madness seems to take its toll, and I know that I have to hold on and listen closely when the darkness hits and the void is calling that we need to make peace with and finally accept that one essential truth. Will you or I miss the final warning when it comes? Or will you stand tall and stay with me through it all though it might seem there is nothing left? There will then be nothing left to fear, and still, we might carry with us those things we aren’t proud of, and there are just those I dropped my guard for and allowed to get close who seem to matter more than most.

I have done what I thought was right as I made my way down the line and at times there have been days when I have totally hated it, and I have continued on as directed by the Tao to flow with the moments as one flows into the next. Recently I have had thoughts or feelings that the mercy of God is near, and we are all being tested or has God turned his back to allow the destruction? Still, I hear the ticking of that false clock distracting me and trying to tick out my time with life feeling like a curse with day coming that we can’t hide from things we have done.

Each of us will stop and contemplate doing things we never thought we would ever do, and ask if God will ever forgive us. As we look at the reflection in that mirror on the shelf and it don’t look like we should as we make peace with the enemy, with faith being held onto for the hard and bad times. Wondering if we will be missed by those we leave behind, or if we touched some like they touched our lives? So, let’s make the best of what we might have left, and maybe they ain’t seen the last of us yet for I have had your back each day that has passed and probably will until the day that I die.

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