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One Last Shot

One Last Shot

For those I'd stop a bullet for and that Mangy Motley Crew for they are all of good character

At this point in my life it seems as though I have done so many things wrong, and I wonder if I can ever possibly put any of those things right. And I have seen the ones circling in the desert as I have passed by, and smelled the smoke of the burning pages of all the lists of crimes and accusations. Some of those being the crimes and misdemeanors I was tried and convicted of which like a lot of things they have never bothered to have explained. Making my way down the line, knowing there is no limit to those things that can be done, and all things will eventually be lost to eternity as I continue searching for answers to all I have been searching for and the life I have never known.

Knowing once I had something good and maybe I wasted my precious time walking on down the line and through my mind as the Tao directed and I fought off those lies which threatened at times to tear me apart. Wondering if I have ever touched another soul and affected their lives as some have affected mine? Feeling time rushing through my head and at times dreaming of God who is in the desert which flies into the face of all logic which has me recall that nothing is every truly as it seems, as I close my eyes to dream of rain. As I continue on down the line in the burning heat under that desert sun, making my way through these burning sands.

Having had another year pass me by and still has me wondering what kind of man I have become and feeling like all makes no sense at all as I make my way heading where the Tao directs. Wondering if I will miss the final warning when all is finally called home? And for the most part I am tired of all those people talking and the dull roar of noise they make as they are full of sound and fury, but don’t seem to realize what they say is nothing. Those who think they can slip past the defenses I have are going to find they will be bruised as well as chewed up as they choke on their pride with there being no use in crying about it, and the best thing is to keep their mouths shut.

Once they thought they could try to control me, and tried to play mind games till I turned the tables on them. Not realizing I have lived twice, and emerged looking unscathed on the outside from those complicated shadows that have the power to break iron and bend steel, and they don’t have to take it from me, but then again I know of the things I speak of. They can say what they like in a voice sounding like it’s from a John Ford film but then again it’s darker than they will ever know in those complicated shadows. Feeling like I have wasted time and breath, and at times feel I have basically thought myself to death, and managed to sometimes confuse things that are real with what I feel.

Being at times afraid to lose control and caught up in this world has me count as I pray to keep myself from exploding outward in a pattern. And asking those two groups I know well to come with me now on down the line for they are all of good character and being those I trust after having been through the good and the hard times together, and stood side by side with each other as if we had been baptized and alliances forged in fire. Thinking with my heart and moving with my head instead of the other way around at times, as I close my eyes and feel like most of my thoughts and things I have said are coming from what I have read. Recalling once I thought to sell my soul and the funny part is he wouldn’t take a bite, with only one thing being clear.

Been called a bummer and a gin sop as I make my way on down the line from town to town, but then again what cares I for their words of praise. And that’s why I will stand by those I’d stop a bullet for, and that Mangy Motley Crew who never flinched, fretted, or whined no matter what the pinch. Standing there like good old bricks and stood the kicks, and carried on through it all together carrying the fire inside and bringing the rain, to break the chains. And like Dylan’s Jack of Hearts I have been seen at times as a catalyst for change, and now I walk on like a kind of a wanderin’ ghost or a rambling sign for some of those two groups are now behind the sun.

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