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Still I go walkin’ after midnight and go walkin’ for miles after the guns have gone silent, and after most of the wounds have healed. Tryin’ to recall those words I could never say when that long dark night had finally passed as they seemed to become some more of those things on my chest that needed to be one day confessed as I tried to reach out and touch faith while feeling alone, and unknown and just made of flesh and bone. Still, it seems like I can hear a question being asked on the wind about who’s going to teach you how to dance? As well as being asked at times when I will tell them that their crap doesn’t wash? While my mind raced as to what I was going to do and knew instinctively there would be no help coming from other quarters.

Did you ever see it when you could? Did you do what you would do for you for when it was there for you? As all the lies have seemed to have been tearing you apart, and did you reach out to the hand when it was there for you, or did you spend your precious time walking through your mind? While all the lies fell, and tried to tear you apart, as we both saw and felt the world about us; bend, flip, and change. Should the angels finally call is when I will finally pull in the reins, and it seems a lot have things wrong for I am still here and ain’t gone. I am still breathing and carrying my memories which are like a life that never dies, and have had to try to learn to live with them as it seems the world at times has gone crazy and feels like it’s scratching at my throat, which is why I sometimes go out walking after midnight.

Feeling at times as if you and I need to saddle up and ride like the wind though we both might feel weak with no time to sleep just to be free again. With such a long way to go to possibly end up near the border of Mexico, and knowing we have paid some dues getting through and sometimes those dues seem to have been paid for in blood. With there soon coming the time to rise and shine and stand and surely speak our minds though there was time when we spent it chasing our own tails. Now the time is coming to stand tall, raise our hands, and draw the line as the battle rages call both of us to join it. What you give is what you get I recall hearing someone say to me once.

Knowing that you occasionally walk beside the river to be alone with your dreams and tired of being burned, as you look for peace for an angry heart and trying to leave all of your troubles behind along with the secrets and fears. Being like a rock and roll rebel riding and cruising through the night until the dark light of the new dawn rises, and tryin’ to roll with the changes. I know there is a fire burning in your heart that are climbing high into the night trying to take you into the light, and still I know you feel like you are rolling in the deep and feeling like there are nothing but scars on both the inside and the outside with the occasional feeling as you keep your silence of what feels like either the sound of drums or the thunder of heavy guns beating in your heart. Feeling like they are threatening to tear you apart, and you know we both know where we have been, and seems like we have both always been running.

There are those I have known who just gave up after I pushed their patience and my luck hard, and we both know that old habits die hard. We need to choose what to do with the rest of what we have left as we carry our choices and hide our regrets, and still we look in that mirror on the shelf and find ourselves making peace with the enemy there and appearances might change but, it will never change who and what we are. So, with every waking breath you take try to taste something new and look for a guiding light that burns through the darkness, and continue fighting against the open flow of lies and failures which we all know to set yourself free.

Time, might one day take us and dying is easy with life being hard, and only God knows how we paid for those things that were done in the past, which is the way things are.

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