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Prelude To War

Prelude To War

Having been down through the wild side of life where innocence dies, and where the coffins stay where the judges have lied and had the innocent condemned. Having looked in the mirror and stared at myself and wondered if that is really me or just the enemy to make peace with staring back at me from the shelf? Sometimes I wish for the confusion to come and wash over me and carry me to those rivers of blindness where I might be able to drink my fill from them, as the darkness rises to swallow me whole. But, then again, each day I learn a little bit more, and it might not be about why but I do know what for. If we are going somewhere, then let’s get there soon, and read books on the study of man and to once again to be borne on the breeze with a chance to die on the wind. Having been in the garrets where the artists have died and lit scarlet candles in dark, dreary times, and knowing if I were an artist who paints with his eyes through observation(s), I might just hang my head and silently cry.

Seems like all the precious time has run out and all the moments are gone with all being like a cloud of dust that is covering us. Feeling that a place above the shadows must be found to deal with the silences from those who were once people we once knew. I know that I can’t turn away and though I would like to give in my heart won’t let me give in, and it feels like the time to wear medals once again is coming like a thief in the night and sides seem to be chosen, and just tryin’ at times to keep and find the calm in order to carry on. Though the silent, shadow wars have begun and it’s easy to see that all is like a ticking bomb that’s possibly about to explode.

The future is unclear and might be something lost or lying in a ditch in the dark with time becoming fleeting as madness tries to hold sway, and it feels like looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. Having raced the clock and has me wondering what I might have become and if I have made the same mistakes like I did the last time? But, then again, I just might lose like I always do no matter the side I am on, and then again time waits for no-one and the only constant besides the truth is that it marches on and heals, and changes all things eventually with some things never forgiven or forgotten.

Some have said time will crawl through the dark times with some being as blind as the moon, and they have also said that tomorrow never dies, but then again there will come a time when the sun may never rise again, and the question being not if but, when. Will there be refuge to be found and will faith and hope pull us through it all? As I stand here inside of today at the edge of the future and has me wondering if I have burned all my tomorrows and if my dreams have all faded away? Or have I burned my shadow away, when ambushed or bushwhacked by a lie?

A warning is forming and about to be heard by all the people, both the good and the evil during this time when the moment has the truth being converted into a lie, and facts are becoming a form of alternate truths. The warning that is coming down as the fires still burn through the night is it’s becoming a brave new world (though not the world of Huxley’s making), and war is coming. Strange days have found us with too many similarities to the Nuremberg rallies when instead it should be the trials that should be repeated. It’s coming down to the moment to either stand and fight, or to turn and run, and the only thing that will matter is what and who’s side you will be on.

Finding myself knowing I can’t turn away from what must be done, and help those like me to find away and though the sun may remain I can’t turn away from what must be done, and actions are needed in some cases more than words. Though the word is usually the thing that has the power to bind us to either Heaven or Hell. If you could see through my eyes, you would lose your fears, and the winds of change are blowing and can’t be explained. I do wonder at times if a chosen few will remember me or if when I am gone if my heart will beat on? I know some will say they will, but then again it has me wondering if their word is as strong as oak or will they just disappear like smoke, or is there no sense in tryin’?

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