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Rocky Mountain Way

Rocky Mountain Way

There is a storm building high up in the mountains and the passes and hearing the thunder rolling down and seeing the lightning split the night, and being here in that deepest hole of both the night and of the new day. Lying here tossing and turning as the night stretches out like a drawn blade, and having to hold on best that I can until night's end and the morning's light.

I got deep inside of me a mixed-up form of confusion and it seems like I'm swimming against these tides to no avail, as this form of mixed-up confusion seems at times like it is killing me slowly. Feeling like walls closing down things and coming thundering down all the way to Hell, as I seem to be looking for answers and don't know where to go or who to ask and have all of these questions that I have answered. As I seem to be hearing that steady sound of the ticking of clocks, and I know that it is that false clock that tries to tick out my time. Hearing it ticking and knowing that it tries to disgrace, distract, and bother me too as I seem to be making my way forward trying to regain that higher ground inch by inch, and weaving around all of those obstacles purposely placed in my path.

Been put out to pasture I guess it's safe to say and I don't need anyone crying because the story's been sad, for I know those who can hear me know that I still speak the truth as always. After having felt those shadows on me and carrying within me those indelible pictures. Able to see them under those blue skies overhead that I always wished to you, and being able to touch and feel them like I can a single grain of sand. Hearing your voice in my mind and echoing across those mountains and passes and feeling you and your presence on the wind and in the icy dawn. Seeing your image when I blink my eyes like a slide show, and able to see almost everything including that strange arrival from far away.

As I am lying here tossing and turning, hearing those midnight calls splitting the night and knowing these are the times the demons choose to come forth, and feeling all of those devils who tormented me and the angels who defeated them. Are now coming together along with all of the bad guys and all of the good guys I have been, and feeling then all collide as they all come together inside of me now.

Hearing the storm growing outward and breaking now, as the thunder rolls down louder and closer and the lightning flashes nearer, as it comes down out of those mountains and high passes with that driving rain that’s washing down over everything. As I lie here and hearing the storm hitting and sounding like a symphony. As those buckets of rain released are racing with the sound of thunder, and I am not able to stop because I'm still looking and seeking those answers. While I am feeling the sound of the storm washing over me and easing the mind. Allowing me to answer Morpheus' call and to cross those blue hills and the river there into his domain of dreamscapes, and knowing I will be going the best way that I know and is better than I had.

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