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Standing here by the waterside, and I am not waiting for the end for I am carrying with me solitude and a searching eye along with a book I was given that is made up of nothing but lies. In the blackest night burn the brightest stars and these are the times when it seems I have to return to basics or return back to the start of all and reminds me that some things are in vain. As I stand here wondering who will be walking with me through the long black night? Black as the telling of a winter’s night tale and reminds me that in the most timid soul hides the bravest heart mixed in with the darkest fears as I wonder who will hear my call?

This waterside I am standing near seems to be made of all the tears that have been ever shed like something found near or in Purgatory, as I recall having been told by some that I have a heart of stone, and ice water in my veins. But, then I have told them I would never be betrayed and words are what binds us to either Heaven or Hell, and are cheaply said and used by the cold-hearted. There have been so many changes both good and bad with some of them having faded away, like those pages and pictures having been burned while trying to escape the past. Just between us it feels like being blown away which is part of the price paid and it goes beyond mere flesh and bone.

But, then again I never cared for their games or their words of praise, as they keep trying to tell me all is over. Still I receive the truth from your lips as we continue on and I know they planned to plant and sow the seeds of discord, as well as fear and doubt in their spreading of disinformation. So walk with me and keep their unholy attempts in sight, and I receive the answer to my call as well as redemption at your fingertips as you hold my hand on the way down the line. Only answering when we hear the call on the rushing wind and hoping I have found a new friend, carrying the power of the soul within them as well.

It feels at times like a call to arms as we walk down the path and try not to stray showing a strength from all the kicks and blows and never letting it show. Taking all the hurt, lies, and tears and showing a burst of fire burning deep in our eyes like jungles burning bright, and taking all the pain and turning it all to power showing them to be stronger than they ever thought of. Storing it in a heart made of steel and not of stone, and fire in the soul with a lion in the heart. Been making our way on down the line looking for the answers to all the questions, as well as trying to put things right after having seen and dealt with the meaner side of life. Being like something having been fought for most of our lives.

Knowing of sacrifice and hope when the lights go out and still carry on down the line and where the Tao directs us to be and there being no turning back and knowing full well of heart when all is under attack. At times feeling like the ones born to rise and to bring the rain, and standing up when called out and the odds have been stacked. I am not going to live forever and for living my life I know I will pay, and still I will stand my ground and not back down and hoping you will do the same when the time comes for accompanying me nor bend or break like when in those complicated shadows.

Still you will know as you hug the cold ground and if you ask yourself who is your only friend? You will hear a solitary voice speak out shattering the silence and be willing to come to your defense and possibly lay down their life if need be; it’s probably me though I might hate having to say it.

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