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Shadows in The Night

Shadows in The Night

Standing here in the far North and occasionally feeling a hot wind blowing on my shoulder which reminds me I am from a land and a world that’s a lot older than the one here. The breeze feels as if it is from South of the border and feels like I am on a wavelength far from home, where warm winds blow with heat and hard blue skies. Where the roads seem to go forever to the far horizon, far from here and wondering if I have a choice when I am reminded of where I came from, and feeling at times like I am spellbound like an illusion I can’t shed. Making me wonder about those here knowing anything about the cost of sacrifice especially when the lights go out and the cost of the pain from digging oneself out of a hole fallen into and the cloak of those complicated shadows spreads about them? Or do they know anything about hope, and do they have a fire that burns inside?

Sick of all these people talking and the noise they make full of sound and fury, yet signifying nothing and hearing some of them saying that I shouldn’t be standing up and saying what needs to be said with words that are like either bullets of fire or an artillery mission called in, and I should keep my mouth shut. There is nothing up my sleeve, or any sleight of hand, just those scars I carry the sun’s dark light couldn’t and wouldn’t heal, which are souvenirs and reminders of the places I have been and things I have done, as they sit and talk in circles with nothing being done or accomplished.

It’s unforgivable that I once had demons take control and they still rule the worst of me and once allowed the worst to get out. I said once I can’t do this again and then fell back on those things I learned and have been flexible enough to reinvent myself. And knew when I have done wrong, as well as have been down that road that fools head down. Having risen up from the ground with all the strength and tools I found, and knowing I can rock the cynics if I try and there is nothing I can’t do. Remembering just to be flexible enough to reinvent myself if need be, or when the time comes.

And when you are standing in the shadows I could try to open the skies, and never let you be forgotten with my devotion as I stand next to you and be willing to stop a bullet for, and be willing to cry and die for if need be. Though there may be times when I seem to think I don’t really need this life, and I do know that when I am standing in the flames I can look the Devil in the eye and be able to tell him that I was brave enough to die with there being no Hell deeper than my pride. Though I do wonder if I will ever be forgotten? But, then again we will never forget and at times never forgive after having fought hard to not to die in all the forms death can cause in misery.

Most of the ones we love are dead and gone leaving us with times we wish some of the memories would leave our head. Needing to change what seems to be a prison into a sanctuary after having waged war with Hell like that lone soldier who lost every fight and ended up winning the war. With us needing to fight to show as well as know who we are, and now needing how to enjoy the win. So we will just place one foot in front of the other one as we make our way on down the line, or down those roads wherever the Tao directs us to go.

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