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Shadow(s) Of A Dream

Shadow(s) Of A Dream

Standing here in the aftermath of the night that has just past and feeling as if I had been in a fight, and feeling as if hungover when I saw the news today. Feeling as if Ralph Peter’s book has come to pass as some of it already has, and this is the continuation of it. Maybe now the final war will be coming forth and possibly the war after Armageddon.

Everything seems uncertain now and seeing and hearing all protesting and yelling in the streets over what has happened and has me stop to ask if anyone is with me after all? Wondering if the darkness and the hammer are going to finally fall? Or is there anyone out there calling? It feels like there is nothing left at all and for me to shoulder my pack and continue to head on down the line as it seems those dark days are coming. Finding myself looking at those lines on my hands and wondering if I should believe what I see there as those fine silver threads slowly unwind. In life, there are too many questions to be answered and so little time to find the answers.

Closing these tired eyes and wondering if I can do anything right after having done so much wrong? If given a chance I can try and try not to let you down or break your trust, and I have traveled down such a long and hard road through the shadows and searching for those answers and the key to unlock those things I carry within. There might be that chance I might lead you down the path or road to ruin if I take your hand, and I can just do the best that I can with what I have. Though it seems as though I am moving forward, but if the truth be known I am just standing still, and at times losing ground and still carrying those things I’d like to lose and forget and find redemption in the end when the light is found.

Keeping my calm and carrying on knowing that the silent wars have begun with little or no refuge to be found with little time left, and one day the sun won’t rise again with it not being a question of if but when. Making me feel at times as if I am looking down the barrel of a loaded gun, with the future being like someone dead in a ditch on the side of the road. Bad times are coming and I will reap what I have sown, and I will have to pay that debt one day. If God has plans for me I hope they aren’t set in stone, and I won’t suffer but take the pain for it’s my life and for living it I will pay.

Maybe one day the ashes of Eden will one day rain down on this Carnival of Rust, or Bittersweet Symphony, and having all understand that’s all that remains of paradise, or the paradise that was lost back when the world was young. And hopefully those still with me won’t let go of my hand, and nothing will be hanging by a thread like the sword of Damocles, like when my words fall from my mouth to lie at my feet dying in the dust. Walking across that barren landscape where the demons go and feeling the wind blowing and seeing the sour earth where nothing will grow, and I can say that I am alive, and finding solace in my heart and mind.

Sometimes there is no real choice yet options always can be found along with illusions that can’t be shaken, as if one was spellbound inside your head like a beat that lives on inside. Though caught up in actions I will still look out for those I know and trust and will go to war with. And to make you bleed is one thing I would never do, even if the shadows are close by and the heat is on with the flames burning higher and the fire can be felt when they have their season.

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