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"Oh to be a bird today in San Francisco."
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Today the sky in San Francisco is a subdued blue with nary a cloud visible and a soft gentle breeze off the deep blue water. What type of bird shall I be flying floating above the city? That is a decision very difficult to make. I think it depends on where I am in this beautiful city.

If I am near the wharf at Pier 39 soaring over the sea lions frolicking for the tourists, I could be a seagull. I would steal the food tossed into the air for the resident sea lions or sit on the pilings calling for my brothers at the wharf.

If I am in Golden Gate Park, I could be a Warbler or Junco singing and serenading lovers holding hands strolling through the gardens. I would sit in the Garden for the Blind adding to their experience of touching and smelling the aromatic plants giving them a sweet song.

If I am soaring among the tall buildings in the Financial District, I could be a Peregrine Falcon, which nests on the peaks of the skyscrapers, raising my family. At night, I prowl the air in search of rodents to capture and feed my chicks. I soar above the buildings in what seems to be a never-ending aerial ballet.

If I am a Brown Pelican, I could fly over the waters of San Francisco Bay plunging from a height of 65 feet into the water, filling up my throat pouch with up to three gallons of water and fish. I strain out the water and swallow the fish.

If I am near City Hall, I could be one of the many Pigeons flying and scavenging for food, as people walk quickly on their way. I keep the streets and sidewalks clean of scraps of discarded food, but often fight with other pigeons to survive.

I am one of the thousands of birds, which go about my life every day in the city. Today however, I elect to be one of the old wise Great Horned Owls, which inhabit Golden Gate Park. I have the classic hoot sound that I make in early evening. In late March, my chicks will hatch and I will fly out during the day gathering food. I spend my time around the bison paddock protecting my nest.

Today, I am one of the raptors, which live in Golden Gate Park. Try to see me.

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