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Birds Stories


Nice birds

nice birds

Nice birds are flying from your country,In deep blue space their wings are moving.Most beautiful of all I found 'em,They touch my heart my life approving.


The past catches up with us

once I watchedjust afterduska hugeflock of birdsfly massively froman old mildewed pier.deserted it was;the pier I had sat therein itsstinking mould for manyyears,friendless and alone.then the birds,crows I’m sure,(though they say crowsonly roost i...


Oh to be a bird today in San Francisco.

Today the sky in San Francisco is a subdued blue with nary a cloud visible and a soft gentle breeze off the deep blue water. What type of bird shall I be flying floating above the city? That is a decision very difficult to make. I think it depends on wher...

There it was, a viscous blob of limber elasticity capable only of thought and some kind of irregular nebulous form of motion, perceiving the world yet barely influencing it. It spent its time floundering around the park, observing the quotidian routines o...

Flightless in Cleveland

The Federation of Flightless Birds holds its most recent convention in Cleveland.

The most recent convention of the Federation of Flightless Birds took place in Cleveland. There had been a lot of bickering about where the convention should take place. The emus and kiwis wanted New Zealand. The penguins pushed for Antarctica. The ostric...

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My Day at the Beach

My last day at the beach and what happened.

I went to the ocean the other day. To get in I had to pay. Into the lot I drove; Between the cars I wove. I looked and looked; found the perfect spot. Got out of my car. It sure was hot. The sun shone brightly. I treaded very lightly. My feet were hot whe...

Jackson Goes for a Run, Realizes Why He Hates Birds

A man finds he's the pig in a real life game of Angry Birds.

It was the first legitimate spring day of the season. The air finally warmed, the sun was out and there was not a cloud in the sky. I decided that rather than go to the gym and pretend to be a hamster on the tedious treadmill; I would call my friend James...

Angry Birds: Poem Edition

An epic but humourous poem about the famous iPhone and Android game Angry Birds

They have stolen from us one last time.Tonight is the night we attack and flyAnd they shall pay for this grievous crimeNow is the moment those green bastards die. We hear the mighty sprang as we soarHitting them in clusters and hitting them hardThe loud s...

Little Bird

A little bird's fragile heart is captured, but her songs are not enough

There was once a little bird and she lived free and explored the world. If someone offered her a crumb she would sing and fly for them to make them smile. Late one spring, she found someone who loved her songs and the shimmering sun on her wings so much h...