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Step By Step

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Arriving at the station after having gotten off of that midnight train, and not really being the same person as I was after having everything lost and still reeling and recovering from the "Thanksgiving Massacre." So went and made some changes and caught a midnight train came to be here.

Making my way outside and standing in front of the station, and standing there by that highway hoping to catch a ride, and watching as everyone hurries and passes me by. And looking to the left down that road to those buildings there, and then looking to the right seeing the road heading to my grave and I am knowing it will be a lone tombstone in some abandoned graveyard. And now I find myself looking down at my feet at those well worn boots I'm wearing, and seeing two playing cards lying there on the steps and looking like they were handmade. With one looking like the ace of hearts and the other looking like the ace of spades. And has me wondering if those cards are an omen or some sort of a sign? As I stand there feeling like my life is passing me by.

Wondering as I watch all hurry and pass me by, where everybody has gone to and why and knowing that all those I have known have all gone, and so it's like nobody seems to be noticing me standing here. Or really cares that I'm standing here hoping for a ride, along with knowing that like my age or name ain't really that important. Just having had to accept all that has happened as a simple twist of fate, as I stand here feeling my words in my head and letting them fall to the ground lying in the dust. As I dealt with the pain, hurt, confusion, and numbness that enveloped me.

So I will just shoulder my carryall, and head on down this highway, and knowing it ain't the first time having to make my way down the line, and I'll just follow the road towards that direction I have chosen. Heading towards that one thing and one person I can count on as she's all I got, as I make my way down the line and following this highway as I think of her. Saddling up and moving on as I file away that terrible day and try not to think about it. And just get on with the rebuilding, now that the numbness and weirdness as finally left.

Making the best of the of the current situation, as I hear the sound of my boot heels hitting the pavement as I pick them up, and put them down again as I head down the road. And hearing my boot heels hitting the pavement, as I head on down the road at a steady pace towards that destination I have chosen. Though I might look as if I am walking with my head down in defeat, I am just marking off time with each step I take towards my goal and hearing nothing but traffic passing me by and my boot heels measuring both time and distance.

Making my way there slowly step by step, towards her and knowing her to be true and the only person I really have left now. Catching myself trying not to look back, (knowing some always do), as I am slowly making my way to her and a warm embrace. Now adjusting my carryall and changing shoulders, and making my way to her step by step. To what I got left and not caring now that all was lost when life caved in.

So I'm taking it one step at a time towards her standing there, and I am hoping to lose myself in the warmth of her embrace, and knowing I'll make my way there in good time with each step I take.

Copyright 2003: Timberwolf International LTD.

Written by Shotgun011
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