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Texas Desert Highway

Texas Desert Highway

With every breath I breathe there are times when I can see and feel what life has dealt to me, and I find myself looking for a singular touch of heavenly grace and maybe a taste of a divine rush. As I get asked from all around me; who’s side am I on and why do I seem to be looking for a dream of life again? I might be a little bit weaker than I used to be and I might be forgotten but, I’m not gone, and remember seeing the young men in the old men’s bars waiting for their time, and turn to curl up and die. I might have lived once in a world that’s best forgotten, and done things then I ain’t proud of now and seen all those pretty people disappear like smoke after they told me those things they were going to do for me. Now I ain’t blind and didn’t like what I saw coming down the pike.

Now feeling the warm winds blowing in the heat and under blue skies and looking down that Texas flat ribbon highway that seems to stretch forever. Black top road that stretches out to and past the horizon and just telling those few I know where I am. My body might be a bit tired and lazy but, this is where I am supposed to be as I continue making my way on down the line, and it might drive some of them crazy. And there are still times when the skies go from blue to grey that I think of that West Texas skyline that was left behind, and the sand that covered all when the Chihuahua desert started to blow. And it seems that something is always at stake, and what about that zero option game that they all seem to like to play? And I find it hard to complain about when the Tao directs me to follow those roads and the answers that might be found there.

Then there are the times when I find myself looking to the skies and thinking of those who were left behind, and I know that some are helping me find my way and others are just cursing the fact that I’m still standing. But, then again what did I ever care for their “kind” words of praise or the labels they tried to affix to me and then tried to file me away. Has me wondering at times if they truly practice what they preach, or if they ever turn the other cheek? Then again as all grow older the values of humanity have changed, and the world has grown colder.

There are times when I get it all wrong, and what it means when you promise someone; is I won’t give in, and though there are times when it seems as if I join those in the fold and when others run I will stand my ground. And I won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing me bleed or crawl from the wounds they try to inflict, and if going down to take a piece of them with me as I take the pain and turn it to power instead of suffering. With there also being those I wish I could share in all their joy and pain to either help them celebrate, or to be there to comfort them with all that has happened.

I got one life just like anyone else in a world that insists on pushing all around, and I won’t back down, even if stood up at the gates of Hell, I will still stand my ground, and fight for those and the things I believe in. Still there are times when all seems to be the basis of a country-western song, or is it just the blind leading the blonde? Having all wondering where to go from there, and what to go on to. And now as I find myself standing here I know I have finally let go of some of the delusions that have been carried with me for so long, and remembering those things that changed me, and turn it all over and at times plow it all under. But those lessons learned will never be gone and carried with me, as I make my way down the line through those valleys of fear and into the deserts of the truth looking for what might only be seen by the eyes of the blind.

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