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The Warrior

It's the worst feeling...

It's the worst feeling in the world, to have to sit idly by while someone you admire, care about, and respect goes through hell.

Constant pain, you can't take for yourself.

Heartbreak, you can't sew together.

Loss, you can't fill.

Mental torment, you can't stop.

Constant emotional battering, they feel they deserve.

Yet to the bottom of your soul you know they are the least deserving of this agony, and yet there isn't a single helpful thing you can do except, be there when they need you, and listen when they need to vent.

It truly hurts deep down in your heart and soul, to know a person whom you love dearly as a friend, goes through all this daily and you can alleviate none of it.

I would take every ounce of pain, heartache, and mental anguish... If only it were possible to accomplish.

It makes me angry when a warrior doubts himself! That should never happen, ever! It makes angrier still to discover he doubts himself, because of people he not only calls friends, but family!

Why would family do this to a proud warrior who only wants to protect and defend those he considers his, to death if need be?

This is how they show him what all his protection and loyalty means to them, by stomping on his efforts and treating him like an errant child that has to be watched and coddled?

That is so far beneath who and what he truly is, how strong and powerful his will is. They seem to forget the man behind the pain and what he is truly capable of.

Why am I the only one who sees just how strong he is? How he might be a little battered and battle weary, but he is still far from giving up?

They have known him longer, so how can they not see the damage they inflict on his already abused body and soul every time they doubt him, or question his stability, mentally, or otherwise?

If they would just leave him be and stop dragging him further, and further down, he would be better able to heal his wounds and pick himself back up.

What they are failing to realize is the warrior will take over again and when he does, I'll be right there. I have been waiting for the warrior to take back over and start kicking ass again!

All the people who questioned and doubted him will have no clue what to think, or do...

The warrior will just smile and thank them, for it will be their doubt's and questioning of him that will bring the fighting warrior back to the foreground.

When he's healed enough to take back control of the life he's currently mucking his way through the best he can.

Then he will be who he has always been, and needs to be to do what needs done! I'm awaiting the second coming of the warrior and I'm so excited, I just can't wait!


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