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gillianleeza 5 years ago

Noises In My Head

Therapists love to make you write. Just something I jotted down while on "vacation"

Sounds in my mindReal or just pathologyMy family tries to be kindPatience wears thin in summer heatBed is my refuge where I find peaceNo need to talk, interact or eatSleep I slip into and refuse to wake

Dark_Apollo 5 years ago

Home At Last

A refugee worker returns home after having been in Syria for several months.

At last, I am home after months away,Long months that at times have seemed more like years,When home and comfort were just a mirage;Hard months living out of an old rucksack,Battered and worn after years on the road,Much like me, I sup...

Darkness so dense and strong Pulls me down Taking my life Holding me captive Never ceasing Wanting my forever Holding meDrowning your voiceYou see me thereHiding from life Forcing laughter Pretending to be h...

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sinful 7 years ago

The Warrior

It's the worst feeling...

It's the worst feeling in the world, to have to sit idly by while someone you admire, care about, and respect goes through hell. Constant pain, you can't take for yourself. Heartbreak, you can't sew together. Loss, you can't fill.

Kayk 7 years ago

The dark cloud circles, lower than before.I feel like they surround me and I can't take it anymore.The only thing that guides me is the circle of your light.I keep it in my vision and I wonder how you shine so bright.

You take my hand and lead me gently I follow along quite contently Taking me firmly by the hand You lead me to a brand new land You take me to places unexplored I follow you of my own accord Down life’s path, forward...

The yearning never endsThe path is fraught with pain The tenderness is goneWhy do they feel no shame Now let us sing out loudNow open up our heartsNow touch the peace withinAnd we shall mend their souls Across the l...