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Thunder Kiss
Shotgun011 & TooShy678

Thunder Kiss

Contributing Authors: TooShy678 

Following these old railroad tracks and hearing thunder rolling out on the horizon, and it sounds like heavy guns that if caught by could tear me apart instead of having me standing here thunderstruck. Wondering what I can do and if I would have some help from you? Knowing there is no turning back even after having seemed to be caught out here in the open, as my mind raced wondering if I should push the limits, and play all the fools? Or, instead just blow their minds? Yeah, and there are times when I am doing fine and knowing I got me a bit more than just one good friend as I continue heading down the line where the Tao directs.

The silent, shadow wars have begun, and I know I need to keep and find the calm to carry on with the future becoming something like a dying art. Whatever they believe is usually easy to see though it might feel like staring down the barrel of a loaded gun with time slowing down as it seems to be running out, with things seeming as if they are about to explode. They don’t care what side you are on, or if you are unsteady with shaking knees as the thunder rolls again to be felt deep in your chest. So, hold on to what dreams and faith you have left, and ignore those places you can’t reach and avoid those with the painted faces who try to lie undercover in the street.

Still, I wonder if someone like me will be noticed after having come from those places which created and shaped the poets, and the beats? If I am gone will there another to take my place out here where the Tao dictates where I should go in order to find those things I have been searching for through the brightest and darkest of all the days? I know I will probably get everything wrong if I ever try to explain, and I know I won’t give in though time might just be a flicker of light and everything experienced here is real and not always been easy. With chances taken, then made, and finally lost as they pass by and disappear. Just like people who arrive and then disappear just like smoke in everyone’s lives.

People talk to me, and nothing seems to be clear with their words just burning holes where they stand, and then they blame me for my silence. As I usually tell them not to get up as I am only passing through as I continue on down the line, and not giving a damn for their words of praise. Having been called some kind of a wandering sign, or ghost and they have no idea of the type of a culture I have chosen well who are all of good character and are like a bunch of good old bricks which have stood all of the blows, and the kicks life has thrown. They will never know how it feels, and they come and go like memories, and a dream and some are young and just grow cold.

Closing my eyes and trying to anticipate at times what the future holds and to be ready for the challenge, as I try to solve what the Tao has had me discover as I have continued on where it directs, knowing it asks no questions and just points the way as things unfold. Directing where each moment needs to flow into the next, with each action taken as each thing rises up. Listening to all around and standing up to be counted when called out, as the others turn tail and run. Passing all of those shuffling their feet and seeing those warning signs occasionally on the road ahead as I hear some of them think I am Satan and would be better off dead, as I try not to be hypnotized by those colours out on the street to make me forget the direction I have been sent to follow.

It’s all-right, and I will get by, and I will survive, and sorry that they have their fists out and feel that way. It’s usually a lesson to me as I deal with those A, B, C’s on a daily basis and challenging the plans that seem to have been made with me in mind. Though things might appear to be worse than they are and most of the words they seem to know and say are usually obscene, still everything is all-right because if they think this is bad I have had it worse, so I will continue on making my way on down the line, and continue to get by and survive. Sometimes it’s like a series of dreams with some coming to a permanent stop, and just sometimes has me thinking of them, and the time I stood watching that Temple of Life and wondering what the connection was knowing I have been there and back again after having gone the distance.

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