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To Life

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Published 5 years ago
No reason to get excited, and many here seem to think life is merely a joke, but you and I have been through those complicated shadows, and we both after having come from there changed, know sacrifices need to be made. So let us not talk falsely for both of us know that the truth is the only thing that never changes and is of the highest importance in all things. And I know there are times when we both have done wrong, and gone where the fools go, and with all the strength I have we have found there is nothing we can’t do.

In life logic or reason never seems to apply; and in life there are too many questions that are asked and not enough time in which to answer them all. And only with the truth can we move forward with there being many along the line never knowing what anything is worth. With one of the things we both have found is; faith is a form of beauty, and gives hope.

And even though we both have had those moments passing us by there are still times when we can’t just turn away. For we have all lost people who we have known their names and that is one thing, but there have been those times we haven’t been allowed to grieve for them and that is another thing. And becomes part of our history, yet life is more than who we are and there are times when we give up on believing making us feel lost and blown away. But we still seem to remember those who caused us to question all and forget their names.

With the past never seeming far away, carrying with us those scars like souvenirs for all we have been through and in some cases the sun’s dark light can’t or won’t heal them. For times of war and peace seem to take and twist the truth, and then history becomes revised. While yesterday had everything moving too fast, and today all is moving to slow as I wonder if this is where they will get us, and then again maybe they won’t, but not tonight and not here.

We both know there is a light that most can’t see, along with a world we can’t always be in and darkness we shouldn’t doubt. And there are times when it feels as if the mercy of God is near. There have been times when we just ate when we were hungry, drank when we were dry, and tried to live our lives upon the square.

And to him and them I see no need for words to be said and nothing to be gained by them in the form of explanation. We both passed through those complicated shadows that can break iron and bend steel that are darker than anyone can imagine looking unchanged on the outside. We have stood on the roadside in the pouring rain and walked away from those who planted seeds of doubt after drinking from those rivers of blindness. And tried to get us to change our minds, not knowing we have seen things they never would understand.

Feeling like we have been trying to walk through the middle of nowhere, and time passes with there being times we had to leave in a hurry, to get across that valley floor. With there being times when we close our eyes and wonder if everything truly is as hollow as all things seem? And still there are times when it seems as if the burden carried is too much to bear, so we will just keep on keeping on through it all. And follow the signs as we follow the path with both feet on the ground, and tomorrow belongs to those who can see and hear it coming.

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