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Trust, A Broken Promise

Trust, A Broken Promise

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What Does A Promise Mean To You?

A promise. What is a promise? What does it mean to you? Do you make them? Do you keep them?

I think we all do. We all know them. We all make them. We all keep them.

But then there is those who make them, and don’t keep them. No matter the reason, they find reasons not to keep them. Sometimes it can be out of their hands, sometimes to just break the promise.

I wonder why some people choose to make a promise, no matter if it’s big or small and go out of their way to break them. Why is it so hard for people to keep a simple promise? How can you so easily say “I promise” and then break it.

I’m not perfect, I've done it too. I think we all have, just some more than others. Can you do it to those you like, or even love? You know the people who are most important to you. Be it a family member, or a friend, possibly even a spouse. I don’t really know why people lie the way they do.

Is it so hard to say, hey I’m going to promise this, and actually keep it. Is it that hard? Really? I’m baffled at how easily people lie and break promises. I don’t care how big or small. And what gets me most of all, it never seems to affect them the way it should. If you break promise and hurt someone it should make you feel like crap.

Most people brush it off, like it’s no big deal. It makes the one who was promised too unsure if they can trust this person. How many times can someone lie to you before you lose their trust completely? What is it once, twice, three times, or more?

I don’t know what the amount of lies it is, when you stop and say hey I can’t do this. I wish there was a rule book to know. You know, to follow it. So we can say hey you've lied to me to many times. I can’t be giving you must trust, I need to walk away.

The hurt, the tears, the angry feelings, they’re not worth swallowing because you want to have faith. Yes, we all lie, some more than others. But the next time you lie to someone think of how much trust they’re losing from you. One day it might be the cause of why they walk away. Is it worth breaking that promise, your trust for them?

I’d think it’d be an easy answer for all, but than people keeping lying, they keep breaking promises. Don’t they? What is wrong with the human race?

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