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  Some people did not know what to call her she was a mixture of sweet sixteen and a touch of incredible maturity No one knew where she came from but they knew when she left   No one could explain her appearance and her generous sunshine smile willing to...


A string of wooden beads

I always believe if everyone does a good deed, bit by bit, we can make a harmonious world.

A temple stood in the center of a huge lake, which was stretched to the horizon.   The scenery was so beautiful and peaceful. A great master and his twenty junior monks lived together and cultivated the wisdom of Buddha in harmony. Hearsay a precious stri...

Angel Face

Written for and dedicated in loving memory to my beautiful Katy 💖

Innocent one,come take my hand,as we exploreGod's wonderland; Trust in mefor each me day;We'll learn new lessonsalong the way; God's gift to me,I promise you, all the lovea child is due; Grow with me,spread your wings; Learn of love and lifeand special th...

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I am crazy about youMad about you tooYou are on my mindBoth day and nightYou're my gift from aboveI smile at your laughterI shake for your touchWhen you sing to meI like it very muchThere is nothing to compareWhen you hold me closeYour breath in my hairYo...

Hello little one Your timid I see Do not fear me Wait, stay and see My slow movements As I crouch before you Show my intention Is not to hurt you Big brown eyes wide Take in every detail Little wet nose sniffs  As soft white paws  Inch closer slowly Trust...

Soul Friend

More brain dribble

I have always felt that we’ve already met. Perhaps in a past life, or maybe a few. Remember the night we met? Chasing that rabbit, just me and you? And the nights we found the wormhole, but we were too afraid to really let go? I know what I know and am bl...

Trust Fall

From my heart

Here I am again thinking of you, and I fear the worst my friend. I push, and I push so no one will stay. I often forget you never go away. It is a struggle, but that’s not my fear. I lay here in agony, and now there are tears. I want never to cause you pa...


What is friendship?

What is Friendship, But a simple word,Being Friends with one another, So you can be heard!Friends shouldn't lie, Cheat or abuse you,What they should do, Is simply Love You!