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Twilight Theatre

Twilight Theatre

Cards are dealt as a form of meditation in which answers are sometimes sought through the sacred geometry and laws of chance. Still there are many met who speak of nothing and wear many faces and instill the fear of loss, and still the show must go on even in the empty spaces and abandoned places.

With the question coming forth of what is being looked for? Whatever happens is assumed to be left to chance and those who believe that have no knowledge of how the Tao directs each moment into the next. There may be pieces that come together and signs of life can be felt and seen though many think we stand here blindfolded, and still beacons when lit can be seen burning out on the horizon, though choices may make one feel lost with no options left. As I stand here I still remember some of the ways things were back then. As there are times when I dust off my hands and feel alive out here on those old highways, back roads, and railroad tracks as I make my way on down the line following where the Tao guides and directs each moment to be lived,

There are times when I rub the sleep from my eyes that I feel as if I have come up from below, and I know those are the times when I feel more alive like that lone soldier who in losing every battle ended up winning the war. Living my life as it rolls and flows at times like a brand new day and nothing out here ever questions things or pauses and lies. Still it feels as though I might be looking for a breath of life or a touch of solitary grace, to feel a heavenly rush as I hear some asking who’s side I am on? With all that’s needed is just one touch of that fever to burn from my heart and mind through my legs, and possibly a chance to see what remains to be seen out here at the end.

With every breath I take I hope for something new to give me a guiding light of honesty against the open flow of lies and failure we all know. I have seen the strangest things and still I have made my way against the obstacles put in my way knowing that the truth and my faith will keep me free. Though it might seem I have been here many times before and still something new is still seen and learned from the familiarity of my surroundings out here making my way on down the line. With there being times when I have felt I have lost myself again, with there being no one else to blame and sometimes just asking some of those I meet out here if they will be my friend. As I remember once when I thought I had met what I thought was an angel in white who in reality turned out to be the Devil’s daughter. Which means that one needs to remain wary for not all is as it seems out here on the road.

There are those times too, when I feel wasted and can’t find my way home, but then again inside or outside nowhere is home. Still I am heading on down the line to find those answers to the questions just like the Who’s Seeker. But, I have been to the edge more than once and know the reasons why, and been through hell once or twice and left for dead and closed enough windows to know you can’t look back at the past which is usually close behind. So if you feel lost and alone just carry on and stay on your feet when they are trying to beat you down, and listen for the sound of your feet on the ground as you bid some a fond adieu and say fare thee well and not give a damn as your boots are pointed away from the past and you begin to make your way on down the line, or blow them a kiss and say goodbye as you cross that fine line.

You might not know what you’re looking for with the sense of time running wild as the sound of that false clock tries to distract you by thinking your time is up, You might hear people talking but they really just don’t know anything, and remember everyday; vanity strikes, humility speaks, and insanity sits on the side of the street. So come with me now and give me your hand and I can be your long lost friend, and I can guide through some of the way and not care for their words of praise. And whatever the pinch never fret, kvetch, or whine like a good old brick take the kicks, and be loyal and true like that Mangy Motley Crew.

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