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Walkin’ The Streets

Walkin’ The Streets


All the ladies around the world got something to show you, and all the boys and girls as they wave their hands in the air like they don’t really care as they do their dance and go glidin’ by all those who stop and stare. They know just what to do when they all heard the call go out from wherever they stood. Not wanting to play any psychological games from those in power who are putting on airs and trying to act real cool, when in fact, we all know they are nothing but dangerous fools. So, come and hear their word as the marching feet can be heard along with their roar through the streets.

They have said that everything is okay and that which I was sworn to is being shredded, and the real news is that danger has come our way. For strange days, have found us as the masses in the streets around the world are addressing the problem and trying to make it a place worth living in and fighting for again. Becoming the biggest band, you can find and is as deep as it is wide asking all to join together as all has started to go wrong, and those in power are losing control by the hour. We need to join together with the band to stand up and remember defiance can change all things along with civil disobedience in the attempt to put all things right.

The time has come to turn the pain, and anger into power because the moment’s right, and you can see and feel the power that’s burning in all of those who are in the streets. Carrying a lion in their hearts, and fire in their souls which can be seen like jungles burning bright in their eyes. The time is coming for all to explode even though the silent wars have begun with the future looking bleak. While the administration spreads lies and attacks things in a sideshow action that no one cares about, as the world moves closer to the end and the unleashing of Oppenheimer’s deadly toy. Which should tell all that something is wrong here. But, many don’t see the writing on the wall and still cheer the unraveling of our rights.

So, we all need to join together when we hear the sound coming, and not care about what the other reads or wears or the faith they have. As the sound of the marching feet can be heard as the fires burn into the night, so let’s start trying to put all things right. The lamp of laughter has gone out, and soon darkness will attempt to eclipse both the sun and the moon, caused by all trying to make this into a land of confusion and trying to take our freedom which is a right given to us by God, and we have paid for that right in blood.

So, run and tell everyone to help get things right, and take it to the streets and not listen to the things they say they will do for us. I ain’t blind, and I don’t like what I think I see coming from their lies, so let’s take it to the streets where we can discuss it further. You might say this is our fight song and our voices are now a lot louder than those in power ever remember them being, and the fires are burning hotter and higher in our bones and brains. Madness is being demonstrated by the administration, and discrimination is the tool they are using to create hate causing us to have anger to demonstrate. As we ask the Father up above to help us and send us some guidance and help to overthrow the strange and evil days, along with the ongoing suffering.

So, I just need to keep my values and faith alive in these times ahead and try to change things as they are with my voice being heard.

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