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West Texas Walkabout

West Texas Walkabout

Finding myself making my way through the darkness and being guided by the sound of a beating heart. There have been so many who have said that I can’t understand, and I have been caught up in either some sort of a dream or a game. As I feel the warm winds on my shoulders which reminds me that I am from a place and a world that is a lot older, with most of the time it seems as though time has been spent finding myself, and I never knew I was lost. It is also said that life is a form of a game that was made up for everyone, or so they say.

 Sometimes I wonder if you ever remember standing out in a broken field as chances flowed by us as we stood there? With the sound of crippled white wings could be heard beating against the gun metal grey skies, and knowing that we could possibly never pass this way again with life being something that just slips away. Just like when the Joker was overheard outside of that dark courtyard in the North where the jesters reside as he told the Thief about there being too much confusion with little chance of finding relief. But, then again, most think of life as being nothing but a joke as well as their pantomime. With there having been times when I felt as if I had been taken down, deep down with the feeling of having a blue moon in my eyes though I might be looking or feeling fine.

Most things haven’t been the same when the blues descended and walked on through, with everything seeming to be gone and times like these make you stop and wonder if you will ever know the of things once they all have changed. Making one feel damned in most cases; if you do or if you don’t. It feels and seems almost daily now like it is becoming a call to arms, with the flames rising high as they burn into the night.

My heart won’t let me give in, and I won’t head underground just because someone says Death is coming and is busy making the rounds. While the meaning of life seems lost to them as something carried on the wind, with most learning how to die instead of learning how to live. There have always been those in power who just live to cause both hatred and fear to hold sway, and I want my voice to be heard with the others sounding our roar of defiance. I have always known it is better to die on my feet than to live a life on my knees, as Zapata said.

 So, let me die in my footsteps before I go down and under the ground where most of the forgotten lie if it is supposed to happen. While asking for a rope from hell for the hangman when the time of reckoning has arrived for them to be hanged for causing their goals of hate and fear to be the currency, they use and disinformation being the pidgin they pluck.

 In my dreams, which aren’t as empty as they all think my mind to be, and knowing I don’t need their lessons to learn how to be free. I know we have never chosen or had to choose the life for us. But, if they could see my thought/dreams my head would surely be placed in the guillotine by both him and them, with their hatred carried like an aura around them making any form of innocence being so hard to believe.

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