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What Gives You The Right

"My rambling thoughts..."
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What gives you the right to assume I’m DTF? That’s Down To… Well, you can look it up. I assure you I’m not. Perhaps after some time, some long time, and a bonding friendship built of courting and a heavy dose of flirting. Yes, I said courting. People don’t court anymore and they should, but that’s a rant for another time.

What gives you the right to assume that I want to be touched? I don’t walk by you with the joy of having your hand glide across any part of my body. I’m not there for your amusement. There is no sign on me that tells you to place your hand here. I assure you, it is unwanted and no amount of charm will make it okay.

What gives you the right to say what you wish to do to me? Do you think I find it a compliment? “Damn baby look at that ass!” “Mmm, girl your tits are *fill in the blank*” “You make me wanna…” They are not compliments. They are disgusting. Ask any woman if that’s a turn-on. Go ahead, I’ll sit and wait for you to find someone who loves to hear that when they are walking down the street alone. Would you like it if a group of men said that to your mother/sister/girlfriend/wife?

What gives you the right to judge me? My clothing? My size? The color of my skin? The person I love? The things that spark joy inside of me? Just because it doesn’t fit in your narrow-minded box does not mean you have the right to criticize. Believe me when I say your opinion is not wanted nor is it needed.

What gives you the right to make someone uncomfortable in their own space, in their own skin? How dare you make assumptions. Assuming that neglect of my respect is okay. I assure you it is not. Why do you feel that your thoughts are always needed? Talking down to those around you as if you are superior, yet I’m the bad guy for defending myself. People like that will never see themselves for who they truly are. They will always be quick to play the victim and try to disarm your feelings to satisfy or justify their own poor behavior.

The answer to those questions is very simple. Nothing. Nothing gives you the right.  

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