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What is Love?

This was written at about 4 or 5 in the morning... sorry if it sucks.

You can't be a writer without at least asking once- what is love? Philosophers and Scientists- and hell, even Psychologists!- have been at it for years. Philosophers, well, who ever knows what they think, scientists figure it ties with our instinct to mate and psychologists kind of go with scientists and their own psycho-mumbo-jumbo. (I'm allowed, I was in psychology... it's not all psycho-mumbo-jumbo). But what- if I can even fathom the idea well enough to write on it- what do I believe Love is?

I believe love is everything we do and everything we feel while around the person or thing we love. There are many types of love. Many. Many that we don't even think about.

There's the love of music I have and always will have. The love of nature, the love of freedom. These loves I don't have to think on- I just feel them in the way my heart feels lighter when I make music, heavier with some of the music I listen to. I breathe easier and feel safer surrounded by nature than I do "within the city walls". As for freedom... I don't know how to go into that one. Everyone loves it to some extent with no real, true reason as to why... so I'll leave that one alone.

There are those loves that require a little more thought.

I love my baby kitty- Jinxx- because he's fluffy and warm, but also because when no one and nothing else is around, he comforts me by curling up in my lap and giving me his sand-paper kisses that say: "It's okay, I love you." I love many of my friends because of the support I get from them. I know no matter what I choose to do, so long as it's not unhealthy or dangerous to anyone, they will be right behind me every time... a lot of the time, even if they don't understand why I'm doing what I'm doing.

There are those who require even more thought.

Family is one. I can't think of any others right now. I love my family... because they are my family. Some of them will not support me all the time, but they are still my family with hugs and kisses on the cheek and the privilege of choice.

Finally, there are those that require lots of thought and yet none at all. The ones that make your heart flutter, your cheeks pink, palms sweaty, legs quake. The ones that give you butterflies in your tummy and turn your brain to mush. They make you smile crazy smiles and do silly things... and they make you feel like their world. Now, this only lasts a wee while in most relationships, then it all mellows out and sometimes breaks apart... but there's always that one... you know the one... The one where you have the perfect balance of mellow and exciting, this way you can keep the excitement going long after the point where it ends. The one where the excitement and other emotions evolve as the relationship does.

The one that lasts.

But... I digress. Back on topic.

I think love is all these things and many more. I believe love is the fluttering and the freeness, the blushing and the butterflies, the sweating palms and the smiling faces. I believe love is the mushy brain and the quaking legs and all the silly things.

Above all, I believe love is the support and the comfort and the care.

(This part's a little suckish, but I needed an ending)

What do you believe love is?

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