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Sometimes in the early hours When we cannot sleep Our thoughts may turn to things That make our eyes weep   Sometimes in those moments When thoughts run through our head We ponder on what happened Things done, thought and said

meredith 3 years ago

One More

One man's thoughts of a friend gone

I pulled the last olive off the swizzle stick with my teeth and ate it before finishing off my drink. Looking up at the clock it, showed 4:20. It was in the AM, not the afternoon. It had been a long day. “I couldn't even begin to count the number...

Sisyphus 3 years ago

My Soul

From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploratio

I guess it’s in me somewhere, hovering, waiting, perhaps between heartbeats, or underneath my breath, hiding where it can’t be seen, but wanting to escape with me, go somewhere, perhaps over the rainbow where bluebirds fly.  

Sisyphus 3 years ago

My Intuition Speaks to Me

From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploration

  Listen to me when I speak to you, tells you what you need to hear, whispers in your ear when others tell you what to do and you’re uncertain, on the fence, bewildered.   Close your eyes and listen to me with your heart; trust me...

Sisyphus 3 years ago

My Mind

From my new collection Geography of the Mind--Poems of Exploration

Sometimes I’m in a jungle tripping over vines, shoving my way through bushes, looking for a path, wondering if there is one and asking with every breath where am I?   Other times my mind is an eagle high above the trees and m...

CONFESSIONS OF A TROUBLED MIND This is no work of poetry, fiction – even though it might be argued that my thoughts are nothing but, - or even a happy hollow song that will get almost a billion views on YouTube. These few paragraphs I am about to...

Anonymous 6 years ago

I have no story to tell

Does it feel like a triumph? Does it trouble your mind, the way you trouble mine? ~Exile Vilify

When the words cut off, my lips quiver with the thought of what else, I can say. As I pour my heart out all over this blank screen, I can't help but wonder what purpose I have for doing this. I don't even know what feelings I stir up with these words, th...

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A lone figure by the end of the world I watch the sunlight dip below glowing horizons waves splashing onto sand of silvery white wind rushing like it has somewhere to go I don't. The bold waves breach my solitar...