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Why Change?

Why Change?

We all resist change, preferring to blame someone else for our misery and wallow in self pity.

Why change anything in your life?
Who cares about being happy?
We just keep going around and around in circles
Never getting anywhere
Complaining and whining about how bad our lives are.
Talking about how crappy things are
Nobody gives us a chance.

Life hands us all the same cards.
Some of us play them quickly and carelessly
Others hold on to them.
Some play close to the vest,
Patiently playing the game
Waiting until the time is just right
To show their hand.

The reality is
Nobody cares what you say they only care what you do.
Walk the walk they always say
Talk is cheap and easy
Let them walk a mile in my shoes
They will see how hard my life is
They don’t know.

Who are they to judge me?
They don't even know me.
They don't have a clue what I have to deal with
It’s not like what I do affects them
They don’t pay my bills
They aren't my parents.
Why should they care?

You either want them to care or you don’t
When they tell you how messed up you are, you scream foul!
When they tell you what they think
You say they don't understand you
When they don't fix your life for you,
You grumble that they don't care
Why should they?

They try to help
They give sound advice, offer you a second chance
Then a third and a fourth and a fifth
You need more than they have to give,
But still, you ask for more
Don’t you see that at some point
They just have nothing left to give?

They are empty shells of who they once were
Because while you were needing and wanting, they were giving
You never gave back
Just took and took and took
And now you complain that they abandoned you
But you abandoned them first.
Taking all they had and leaving them behind when there was nothing left.

So why change?
Who cares that you are leaving a string of empty shells of those who tried to be your friends
Strewn around, left to wither and die.
You are getting all that you need, all that you’re entitled to.
Their souls left empty
The life sucked from them.
Sounds like a perfect life!

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